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BadBytes 1 Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
BadBytes 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
BadBytes 3 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
BadBytes 4 Bootblock   Clone of: Coder
BadBytes 5 Bootblock   Clone of: Backflash
Bahan Bootblock   Other name: Butonic v1.1
Baltarsar Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
Bamiga Sector One Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Bastard Link      
Bastard dropper Trojan      
Bavarian Bootblock   See also: Random Access
BB-Prot Bootblock     Other name: T.ET.E
BBS.$4EB9-Link.Diskrepair Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.DMS2.06 Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.First Link      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.LHAV3 Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.WhiteBox v8.0 Trojan      
BBS.AeReg Trojan      
BBS.AmiPatch 1.0a File      
BBS.AX Fucker File      
BBS.AX Hacker Trojan      
BBS.Blieb6 Trojan      
BBS.CCHack Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.CLP WOW Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.MST-VEC Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.PHA trojan Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.UA Dailer 6.2 Trojan      
BBS.ConfTop Trojan      
BBS.Descriptor Trojan    
BBS.Devil.11 b door.DLog Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.MsgTop Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.ULog Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.VScan Trojan      
BBS.Devil.v8 b door Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Assign Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Copy Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Dropper Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Intro Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Lib Trojan      
BBS.DOpus-Virus Trojan      
BBS.DSC101 Trojan      
BBS.Easy E Trojan      
BBS.Euromail Trojan      
BBS.Express 2.20 Aibon2 File      
BBS.Express 2.20 Original File      
BBS.FakeMiami File      
BBS.Istrip Trojan      
BBS.Lhacheck Trojan      
BBS.Look Trojan      
BBS.MasterBBS Trojan      
BBS.Max A Trojan      
BBS.Max B Trojan      
BBS.Max C Trojan      
BBS.Max D Trojan      
BBS.Max Safe Trojan      
BBS.Merry Trojan      
BBS.MONGO 09 Trojan      
BBS.MONGO 51 Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.ATX Chat Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.MST-DoorBells Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.MST-DoorBells Trojan      
BBS.No Guru File      
BBS.PB-Party Trojan      
BBS.Port67 mkey Trojan      
BBS.Powertrader Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.Died Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.MegaMon Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.ModuleMaster 17 Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx pow Trojan      
BBS.Pstats Trojan      
BBS.Scan X Trojan      
BBS.ShowSysops File      
BBS.Snoopdos 1.6 Trojan      
BBS.Stockmarket Trojan      
BBS.SwiftWare 0.98 Trojan      
BBS.TopUtil Trojan      
BBS.Traveller Link     Strain of: Ebola 2
BBS.Trojan3 10536 Trojan      
BBS.UA Dialer 2.8g Trojan      
BBS.Zapa B door Trojan      
Beethoven File    
Belsina Fucker Trojan      
Beol 1 Link      
Beol 2 Link      
Beol 3 Link      
Beol 4 Link      
Beol 4 dropper Trojan        
Beol 5 Macro      
Beol 96 Link      
BGS9 1 File    
BGS9 2 File      
BGS9 3 File      
BGS9 ATARI File      
BGS9 Nast File      
BGS9 Novi File      
BGS9 PoPa File        
BGS9 Rob Northern File      
BGS9 Terrorists File      
Bied Bootblock      
BigBen Bootblock    
Big Boss Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Biochip Link     Other name: Nibbler
Biomechanic Type A Trojan     Other name: IconDepth v1.3
Biomechanic Type H Trojan     Other name: Orb 95
BJH Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
BlackFlash 2.0 Bootblock    
Black Knight Bootblock    
Black Star Bootblock     Other name: North Star 1
Blade Runners Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
BLF Bootblock    
Blieb6 Trojan     Other name: BBS.Blieb6
Blizzard 1.0 Bootblock    
Blizzard 2.0 Bootblock   Clone of: Blizzard 1.0
Blowjob Bootblock    
Bluebox File      
Bobble Signum File     Other name: Generalhunter
Bobek 1 Link      
Bobek 1 dropper Trojan      
Bobek 2 Link      
Bobek 2 dropper 1 Trojan      
Bobek 2 dropper 2 Trojan      
Bobek 3 Link      
Bokor Link      
Bokor 105 Link      
Bokor 106 Link      
Bokor 110 Link      
BootX Bootblock   Other name: Perverse 1
BootX Killer Bootblock    
BootX Updater Trojan      
Boss Nuke v1.5b Trojan     Other name: BBS ScanX
Bret Hawnes File      
Bulgaria Bootblock     Clone of: Byteparasite III
Bulletin Trojan      
BURN 1 Link      
BURN 2 Link      
Butonic 1.1 Bootblock   Other name: Bahan
Butonic 1.31 4.55 File    
Butonic 1.31 4.55 dropper Trojan      
Butonic 3.00 File    
Butonic 3.10 File      
Buzz Trojan      
ByteBandit 1 Bootblock    
ByteBandit 2 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Coded Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit Error Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Amida Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib AmigaFreak Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Digital Age Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Electrovision Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Frity Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Germany Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Mad Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Morbid Angel Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Powerbomb Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Riska Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Starcom 6 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Zaccess 2.0 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Fred Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit Hauke Bootblock    
ByteBandit Inger IQ Bootblock    
ByteBandit Lemke Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit NoBanditAnymore Bootblock    
ByteBandit NoHead Bootblock    
ByteBandit Plus Bootblock    
ByteBandit Shut Berlin Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit TBS Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit VIPHS Bootblock    
ByteBandit Wus Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
Byteparasite 1 File      
Byteparasite 2 File      
Byteparasite 3 File      
ByteVoyager 1 Bootblock    
ByteVoyager 2 Bootblock    
ByteVoyager Starcom3 Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Bootblock    
ByteWarrior 2 Bootblock   Other name: Paramount
ByteWarrior Mad3 Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Mad3b Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Paramount Bootblock   Other name: Paramount

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Types Of Amiga Viruses:

Bootblock virus, File virus, Link virus, System virus, Multipartite & Trojan virus

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