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16 BitCrew Bootblock    
196 virus Link      
212 Link      
2001 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
4K Intro Trojan      
5th Demension Bootblock   Other name: Random Access
666 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
8x8 Link     Other name: Motaba 3
][ Disk-validator System   Clone of: Saddam


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AAA-Enhancer Trojan      
Abraham Bootblock   Other name: Class Abraham
ABC Bootblock    
Access Forbidden Bootblock   Other name: VCC of TNT Virus
Achtung Trojan      
AcidInfector v1.5 File      
Addy File      
Addy Dropper Trojan      
ADO 1 Trojan      
ADO 2 Trojan      
ADO 3 Trojan      
AE Crack v1.0 Trojan     Other name: WireFace - AECrack
AEK Micromaster Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
AeReg Trojan     Other name: BBS.AeReg
Affe System   Clone of: Saddam
Affe 2 Link      
Afort Bootblock      
Afort dropper Trojan     Other name: VMK 12
AGA Install Trojan     Other Name: Amos AGA-Install
AGA Italy Fake Trojan     Other name: ADO 3 trojan
AHC 1 Bootblock    
AHC 2 Bootblock   Other name: AHC 1
Ahkeym Trojan      
Aibon 2.20 File     Other name: Express 2.20 Aibon2
Aibon 2.00 dropper Trojan     Other name: Express 2.20 Aibon2
Aids (HIV) Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Aids File     Clone of: Jeff Butonic 1.31
AISF File    
Akimo Link      
Alien Trojan      
AlienNewBeat Bootblock    
Alfons Eberg 2 Trojan     Other name: Wireface Alfons Eberg
AmiBlank Trojan      
Amida Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
AmigaFanatic Bootblock    
AmigaFreak Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
AmigaKnight File    
AmigaMan Bootblock  
AmigaMaster Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Amiga RAR Trojan      
AmiHacker File      
AmiPatch File     Other name: BBS.AmiPatch 1.0a
Amixhack Trojan      
Amor v1.0 Bootblock    
Amos AGA-Install Trojan      
Amos Joshua 1 Trojan      
Amos Joshua 2 Trojan      
Amos Joshua 3 Trojan      
Amos Joshua Clone Trojan      
Andy File     Other name: ConClip
Andy dropper Trojan     Other name: Joshua 4
Angel Bootblock    
Animal System     Clone of: Saddam
Anti Harald Paulsen Bootblock   Clone of: BadBytes 2, TimeBomb V1.0
Anti Kanacken Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
Antichrist Link     Clone of: Traveling Jack 1
Antonio Link      
Antonio dropper Trojan      
AramDol Link      
ASS protector 1.0 Bootblock    
ASS protector 1.0 french Bootblock   Clone of: ASS protector 1.0
Assassin Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Asshole Bootblock  
ASV Bootblock    
Asylant Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Atari File     Clone of: BGS9
Atomix Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
Australian Parasite Bootblock    
Avirex Timebomb Bootblock   Other name: Timebomb 1.0
AX Fucker File     Other name: BBS.AX Fucker
AX Hacker Trojan     Other name: BBS.AX Hacker


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BadBytes 1 Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
BadBytes 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
BadBytes 3 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
BadBytes 4 Bootblock   Clone of: Coder
BadBytes 5 Bootblock   Clone of: Backflash
Bahan Bootblock   Other name: Butonic v1.1
Baltarsar Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
Bamiga Sector One Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Bastard Link      
Bastard dropper Trojan      
Bavarian Bootblock   See also: Random Access
BB-Prot Bootblock     Other name: T.ET.E
BBS.$4EB9-Link.Diskrepair Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.DMS2.06 Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.First Link      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.LHAV3 Trojan      
BBS.$4EB9-Link.WhiteBox v8.0 Trojan      
BBS.AeReg Trojan      
BBS.AmiPatch 1.0a File      
BBS.AX Fucker File      
BBS.AX Hacker Trojan      
BBS.Blieb6 Trojan      
BBS.CCHack Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.CLP WOW Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.MST-VEC Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.PHA trojan Trojan      
BBS.CLP Based.UA Dailer 6.2 Trojan      
BBS.ConfTop Trojan      
BBS.Descriptor Trojan    
BBS.Devil.11 b door.DLog Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.MsgTop Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.ULog Trojan      
BBS.Devil.11 b door.VScan Trojan      
BBS.Devil.v8 b door Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Assign Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Copy Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Dropper Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Intro Trojan      
BBS.Doom CLX.Lib Trojan      
BBS.DOpus-Virus Trojan      
BBS.DSC101 Trojan      
BBS.Easy E Trojan      
BBS.Euromail Trojan      
BBS.Express 2.20 Aibon2 File      
BBS.Express 2.20 Original File      
BBS.FakeMiami File      
BBS.Istrip Trojan      
BBS.Lhacheck Trojan      
BBS.Look Trojan      
BBS.MasterBBS Trojan      
BBS.Max A Trojan      
BBS.Max B Trojan      
BBS.Max C Trojan      
BBS.Max D Trojan      
BBS.Max Safe Trojan      
BBS.Merry Trojan      
BBS.MONGO 09 Trojan      
BBS.MONGO 51 Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.ATX Chat Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.MST-DoorBells Trojan      
BBS.M-Chat.MST-DoorBells Trojan      
BBS.No Guru File      
BBS.PB-Party Trojan      
BBS.Port67 mkey Trojan      
BBS.Powertrader Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.Died Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.MegaMon Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.ModuleMaster 17 Trojan      
BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx pow Trojan      
BBS.Pstats Trojan      
BBS.Scan X Trojan      
BBS.ShowSysops File      
BBS.Snoopdos 1.6 Trojan      
BBS.Stockmarket Trojan      
BBS.SwiftWare 0.98 Trojan      
BBS.TopUtil Trojan      
BBS.Traveller Link     Strain of: Ebola 2
BBS.Trojan3 10536 Trojan      
BBS.UA Dialer 2.8g Trojan      
BBS.Zapa B door Trojan      
Beethoven File    
Belsina Fucker Trojan      
Beol 1 Link      
Beol 2 Link      
Beol 3 Link      
Beol 4 Link      
Beol 4 dropper Trojan        
Beol 5 Macro      
Beol 96 Link      
BGS9 1 File    
BGS9 2 File      
BGS9 3 File      
BGS9 ATARI File      
BGS9 Nast File      
BGS9 Novi File      
BGS9 PoPa File        
BGS9 Rob Northern File      
BGS9 Terrorists File      
Bied Bootblock      
BigBen Bootblock    
Big Boss Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Biochip Link     Other name: Nibbler
Biomechanic Type A Trojan     Other name: IconDepth v1.3
Biomechanic Type H Trojan     Other name: Orb 95
BlackFlash 2.0 Bootblock    
Black Knight Bootblock    
Black Star Bootblock     Other name: North Star 1
Blade Runners Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
BLF Bootblock    
Blieb6 Trojan     Other name: BBS.Blieb6
Blizzard 1.0 Bootblock    
Blizzard 2.0 Bootblock   Clone of: Blizzard 1.0
Blowjob Bootblock    
Bluebox File      
Bobble Signum File     Other name: Generalhunter
Bobek 1 Link      
Bobek 1 dropper Trojan      
Bobek 2 Link      
Bobek 2 dropper 1 Trojan      
Bobek 2 dropper 2 Trojan      
Bobek 3 Link      
Bokor Link      
Bokor 105 Link      
Bokor 106 Link      
Bokor 110 Link      
BootX Bootblock   Other name: Perverse 1
BootX Killer Bootblock    
BootX Updater Trojan      
Boss Nuke v1.5b Trojan     Other name: BBS ScanX
Bret Hawnes File      
Bulgaria Bootblock     Clone of: Byteparasite III
Bulletin Trojan      
Burn 1 Link      
Burn 2 Link      
Butonic 1.1 Bootblock   Other name: Bahan
Butonic 1.31 4.55 File    
Butonic 1.31 4.55 dropper Trojan      
Butonic 3.00 File    
Butonic 3.10 File      
Buzz Trojan      
ByteBandit 1 Bootblock    
ByteBandit 2 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Coded Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit Error Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Amida Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib AmigaFreak Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Digital Age Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Electrovision Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Frity Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Germany Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Mad Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Morbid Angel Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Powerbomb Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Riska Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Starcom 6 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Forpib Zaccess 2.0 Bootblock    
ByteBandit Fred Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit Hauke Bootblock    
ByteBandit Inger IQ Bootblock    
ByteBandit Lemke Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit NoBanditAnymore Bootblock    
ByteBandit NoHead Bootblock    
ByteBandit Plus Bootblock    
ByteBandit Shut Berlin Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit TBS Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
ByteBandit VIPHS Bootblock    
ByteBandit Wus Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
Byteparasite 1 File      
Byteparasite 2 File      
Byteparasite 3 File      
ByteVoyager 1 Bootblock    
ByteVoyager 2 Bootblock    
ByteVoyager Starcom3 Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Bootblock    
ByteWarrior 2 Bootblock   Other name: Paramount
ByteWarrior Mad3 Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Mad3b Bootblock    
ByteWarrior Paramount Bootblock   Other name: Paramount


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Cameleon Bootblock     Other name: Little Sven
Cascade Bootblock   Other name: Revenge v1.2
Cascade dropper Trojan      
CBM Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
CCCP Bootblock    
CCCP Multipartite    
CCCP Data Crime Multipartite    
CCCP Delta Bootblock   Clone: CCCP bootblock
CCCP Irak3 Multipartite    
CCCP Starcom 1 Multipartite    
CCHack Trojan     Other name: BBS.CCHack
CED Amos Trojan      
Centurions Link     Other name: Smily Cancer I
CFP Risk File      
Challenger Trojan      
Chaos Bootblock   Clone of: LameBlame
Chaos Force Five Bootblock   Clone of: Northstar Chaos
Chaos Master File      
Chaos Tai-Pan Bootblock   Clone of: LameBlame
Charlie Braun Bootblock     Clone of: Forpib Virus
Cheater Bootblock   Clone of: LameBlame
Cheater Dropper Trojan     Clone of: LameBlame
Christmas Violator Link      
Claas Araham Bootblock    
CLI-Manager Bootblock   Other name: VirusKiller Virus
Clist Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer
Clonk Bootblock    
CLP Trojan     Other name: PHA Trojan
Cobra Bootblock    
Coder Bootblock    
Coder BadBytes 5 Bootblock    
Coder JT-Protec Bootblock    
Coder TomatesGentechnic 2 Bootblock    
Coder TwinzSantaClaus Bootblock    
Color File      
ComKill v1.6 Trojan     Other name: WireFace - ComKiller
Commander Link      
Commander dropper Trojan      
Commodore Trojan    
Compuphagozyte-1 1452 File      
Compuphagozyte-2 1148 File      
Compuphagozyte-3 568 File      
Compuphagozyte-3 592 File      
Compuphagozyte-4 916 File      
Compuphagozyte-4 952 File      
Compuphagozyte-5 892a File      
Compuphagozyte-5 900 File      
Compuphagozyte-5 936a File      
Compuphagozyte-5 936b File      
Compuphagozyte-6 1008 File      
Compuphagozyte-6 1012 File      
Compuphagozyte-6 1048 File      
Compuphagozyte-7 File      
Compuphagozyte-8 File      
Compuphagozyte Nano File   Other name: Nano
ConClip File      
ConClip Installer 1 File        
ConClip Installer 2 File        
ConfTop Trojan     Other name: BBS.ConfTop
Conman A 1995 Link      
Conman Artm 23 Trojan      
Conman B Bloody File      
Conman Dir File      
Conman Dir dropper Trojan      
Conman Hyper Trojan      
Conman IPrefs Trojan      
Conman IPrefs dropper Trojan      
Conman KeyMaker format Trojan      
Conman KeyMaker HD faker Trojan      
Conman LoadWB Trojan      
Conman LoadWB dropper Trojan      
COP BIO A IconD Trojan      
COP BIO B Embryo Trojan      
COP BIO B Mortal Trojan      
COP BIO B Sgolf Trojan      
COP BIO B Swos Trojan      
COP BIO B Vcop Trojan      
COP BIO C TrsMem Trojan      
COP BIO D Flakekiller Trojan      
COP BIO E LZX120 Trojan      
COP BIO F DayDream Trojan      
COP BIO F Fdisk20 Trojan      
COP BIO F Server Trojan      
COP BIO F VirusZ 121 Trojan      
COP BIO G Intro Trojan      
COP BIO G VirusChecker 659 Trojan      
COP BIO H Orb95 Trojan      
COP A NComm32 Trojan      
COP B CED4 Trojan      
COP B LHA30 Trojan      
COP C DOpus5 Trojan      
COP D SInfo Trojan      
COP E FutureTracker Trojan    
COP E VirusWorkshop 50 Trojan      
COP F ACP5 Trojan      
COP G Copkiller Trojan      
COP H LZX130 Trojan      
COP I LZX125 Trojan      
COP I Protracker Trojan      
COP J ACP420 Trojan      
COP K Dmv05 Trojan      
COP K Tetris Trojan      
COP L Andromeda Trojan      
COP L Parallax Trojan      
COP L Spaceballs Trojan      
COP L TP5 TRS Trojan      
COP L TSL Trojan      
COP M PhaXmas Trojan      
COP N QBT3 Trojan      
COP Scansystem Trojan      
COP ToolsDeamon Trojan      
COP Callerslog Trojan      
COP AmiExpress 5 Trojan      
Copy LX103 Bomb File      
CopyLock Bootblock      
Corona Covid-19 Bootblock   Clone of: Nasty Nasty
CrackerExterminator Bootblock   Clone of: Gaddafi
Crackright Bootblock   Other name: DiskDoctors 1.01
Creator Trojan      
Creeping Eel Bootblock   Other name: Disk-Herpes
Creeping Eel dropper Trojan      
Crime !++_872 Link      
Crime !++_872 Driveinfo dropper Trojan      
Crime !_1000 Link      
Crime A Link      
Crime B Link      
Crime C Link      
Crime D Link      
Crime 92 Link      
Cryptic Essence Link      
CSP Bootblock  
Custom Bootloader Bootblock   Clone of: Revenge Bootloader


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D-Structure A File      
D-Structure B File      
D-Structure C File      
D&A File     Other name: SCA Dos Kill
DAG Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Damage Trojan      
DarkAvenger A Link     Clone of: Infiltrator
DarkAvenger B Link     Clone of: Infiltrator
Darth Vader 1.1 File      
Dat 89 Bootblock    
DASA Bootblock   Other name: ByteWarrior
Data Crime Multipartite   Clone of: CCCP
Datalock 1.1 Bootblock    
Datalock 1.2 Bootblock    
Datalock Dropper Trojan      
Debugger Link      
Decade File     Other name: DirOpus BBS
Decade dropper Trojan        
Decompiler Trojan    
Degrad Trojan      
Delta Bootblock   Clone: CCCP bootblock
Deniz Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Derk Bootblock   Other name: Mallander
Descriptor Trojan   Other name: BBS.Descriptor
Destructor Bootblock    
Detlef Bootblock    
Devilcheck Trojan     Other name: Gotcha 2
Died Trojan     Other name: BBS.PP-Bomb.Died
Digital Age Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Digital Dream Bootblock    
Digital Dream Dropper Trojan      
Digital Emotions Bootblock    
Digital Force Bootblock  
Digital Life 1 Bootblock   Other Name: Assassin (SCA)
Digital Life 2 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
DirOpus-Virus Trojan     Other name: BBS.DOpus-Virus
DirtyTricks Bootblock   Other name: Incognito
Disaster-Master 2 File    
Disaster-Master 2 dropper Trojan      
Disgust Bootblock    
Disk Info Bomb File      
DiskDoctors 1.01 Bootblock    
DiskDoctors 1.01 dropper Trojan        
DiskDoctors 1.02 Bootblock    
DiskDoctors - GrimReaper Bootblock    
DiskDoctors - HaukeExterminator Bootblock    
DiskDoctors - Magic Ultra Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctor 101
DiskDoctors - No Name Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctor 101
DiskDoctors - Paratax 2 Bootblock    
Disk Furunkel Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
DiskGuard Bootblock    
DiskHerpes Bootblock    
DiskHerpes - Executors Bootblock    
Disk-Killer v1.0 File     Other name: Lummin & XaCa
DiskTerminator Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Disktroyer 1 File    
Disktroyer 2 File      
Diskval 1234 System     Clone of: Saddam
Disnomia Link     See also: Elbereth 3
DiVa System       Clone of: Saddam
DiVa dropper Trojan     Other name: Saddam DiVa dropper
Divina Exterminator Bootblock    
DKG Blum Trojan      
DMS 213 Bomb Trojan      
Doom Link      
Doom dropper Trojan        
Doom CLX.Assign Trojan     Other name: BBS.Doom CLX.Assign
Doom CLX.Copy Trojan     Other name: BBS.Doom CLX.Copy
Doom CLX.Dropper Trojan     Other name: BBS.Doom CLX.Dropper
Doom CLX.Intro Trojan     Other name: BBS.Doom CLX.Intro
Doom CLX.Lib Trojan     Other name: BBS.Doom CLX.Lib
DosSpeed File     Other name: Revenge Of The Lamer
Dotty Bootblock    
DPH Vos Trojan     Other name: VoxelSvind
DriveInfo v0.91 Trojan      
DSC101 Trojan     Other name: BBS.DSC101
DTL Bootblock     Clone of: Microsystems
DumDum 2 Bootblock    
DV RootFormatter System      
Dynamix Bootblock     Clone of: Pentagon Circle


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E1116 Link     Other name: Ebola 1
Eaststar Bootblock   Other name: NorthStar 1
Eaststar Installer Trojan    
Easy E Trojan     Other name: BBS.Easy E
Ebola 1 Link      
Ebola 2 Link     Other name: BBS Traveller
Ebola Dopper Trojan      
Elbereth 1 Link      
Elbereth 2 Link      
Elbereth 3 Link      
Elbereth 3 Installer Trojan        
Elbereth 4 Link      
Electrovision Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Eleni 1.6 Multipartite    
Eleni 2.2 Bootblock   Other name: Mount
Eleni 2.2 Installer File      
Eleni 3.0 Bootblock   Other name: MessAngel
Eleni 3.0 Installer Multipartite  
Elien Trojan      
Error Bootblock   Clone of: Byte Bandit
Ethik Bootblock   Other name: Shit
Euromail Trojan     Other name: BBS.Euromail
Excrement Sentinel Bootblock    
Excrement Sentinel Installer File      
Excreminator 1 Trojan    
ExHacker Trojan     See also: Trainer trojan
Executors Bootblock   Clone of: DiskHerpes
Exorcist Bootblock   Clone of: AlienNewBeat
Explode Link      
Express 2.20 Aibon2 File     Other name: BBS.Express Aibon2
Express 2.20 Aibon3 File       Other name: BBS.Express Aibon3
Express 2.20 Aibon DWEdit Trojan       Other name: BBS.Express Aibon DWEdit
Express 2.20 Original File     Other name: BBS.Express Original
Extreme Bootblock    
Extreme - Fat 2 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Extreme - Prima vera 8 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Extreme - TFC 1.03 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Extreme - TFC 2.14 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Extreme - TFC Evergreen 47.11 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Extreme - TFC Loadwb dropper File      
Extreme - TFC Revenge File      
Extreme - Zaccess 3.0 Bootblock   Clome of: Extreme
Ezzard Bootblock   Other name: Random Access


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FA58B1EF Link      
Fake Miami v2.1g File     Other name: BBS.FakeMiami
Fast 1 Bootblock    
Fast 2 Bootblock    
Fast Eddie Bootblock   Clone of: Glastnost
Fat 1 Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
Fat 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
FCheck File     Clone of: Byte Parasite 3
FICA Bootblock    
FICA Magic Plagiator Bootblock   Clone of: FICA
File File     Clone of: Saddam
Fileghost 1 Link     Other name: HardSpeeder 1
Fileghost 1 dropper Trojan      
Fileghost 2 Link     Other name: HardSpeeder 2
Fileghost 2 dropper Trojan      
Fileghost 3 Link    
Firedom Bootblock     Clone of: Cascade
Flashback Bootblock   Clone of: Glasnost
FlowerPower Trojan     Other name: Zinko
Forpib Bootblock   Strain of: ByteBandit
Frankenstein Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Fred Cohen Bootblock   Clone of: Hoden
Freedom bomb File      
Frenchkiss Bootblock    
Freshmaker Bootblock      
Frity Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Fungus/LSD Link      
Fungus/LSD dropper Trojan      
Fuck Device Bootblock    
Future Disaster Bootblock    
Fuzz Trojan     Unknown to all Anti-Virus programs


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G-Zus Packer File        
Gaddafi Bootblock    
Gaddafi - Cracker Exterminator Bootblock    
Gaddafi - Khomeini Bootblock   Clone of: Gadaffi
Gaddafi - Mad II Bootblock    
Game Over Bootblock  
Gandalf Bootblock    
GCA Bootblock     Clone of: Forpib
Gathering 95 Trojan     Other name: Achtung
Gene Stealer Bootblock    
Generalhunter File     Other name: Bobble Signum
Genetic Protector v2.0 Bootblock     Clone of: Dotty
Germany Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Glasnost Bootblock    
Glasnost - Fast Eddie Bootblock   Other name: Fast Eddie
Glasnost - Flashback Bootblock    
Glasnost - Tai13 Bootblock    
GlobVec Link      
GodAnsi Trojan     Other name: JizAnsi
Golden Rider Link      
GoodWill Bootblock  
Gotcha 1 Trojan     Other name: UNLZX Trojan
Gotcha 2 Trojan     Other name: Devilcheck Trojan
Gotcha lamer File     Other name LamerLink
Gral System   Clone of: Saddam
Grafitti Bootblock    
Gremlin 1 Bootblock    
Gremlin 2 Bootblock   Other name: Lads - ZestGrimlin 2
Grim Reaper Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctors
Guardian DMS Trojan    
Guardians Boot Aids Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer 1
Gurke Bootblock   Other name: Unknown 4
Guru Bootblock   See also: Randon Access
GV HS15 Trojan      
GX-Team Bootblock    
Gyros Bootblock    


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Hackers Bootblock   Other name: Shit & Nuked 007
Hanf Link      
HappyNewYear 96 Link      
HappyNewYear 96 Type A Installer Trojan      
HappyNewYear 96 Type B Installer Trojan      
HappyNewYear 96 Type C Installer Trojan      
HappyNewYear 96 Opt. Link      
HappyNewYear 97 Link      
HappyNewYear 98 Multi    
HappyNewYear 98 dropper Trojan        
Hardex System   Clone of: Saddam
HardSpeeder 1 Trojan   Other name: FileGhost 1
HardSpeeder 2 Trojan   Other name: FileGhost 2
Harrier A Link      
Hauke Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
HaukeExterminator Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctors
HCS 1 Bootblock    
HCS 2 Bootblock    
HD Install Trojan        
HD Protect Trojan      
HD Speedup Trojan      
Heil Bootblock    
Hexer File     Other name: Conclip
Hilly Bootblock   Lamer Strain
Hireling Protector v1.0 Bootblock     Clone of: Forpib Virus
Hitch-Hiker 1.10 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 2.01 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 2.01 dropper Link      
Hitch-Hiker 3.00 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 3.00 dropper Link      
Hitch-Hiker 4.11 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 4.23 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 5.00 Link      
Hitch-Hiker 5.00 dropper A Trojan      
Hitch-Hiker 5.00 dropper B Trojan      
Hitch-Hiker 5.00 dropper C Trojan      
Hochofen Link    
Hoden 33.17 Bootblock    
Hoden 33.17 - COHEN Bootblock    
Hostile Takeover 1 Link     Other name: Smeg 1
Hostile Takeover 2 Link     Other name: Smeg 2
Hulksters Bootblock     Clone of: Pentagon Circle 1
HunkLab Bootblock    


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Ice Bootblock   Other name: Iceman and Irq
Iceman and Irq Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
IconDepth v1.3 Trojan     Other name: Biomechanic Type A
Illegal Access Link      
Incognito Bootblock    
Indiana Jones Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
Infector Bootblock   Clone of: Fast Eddie
Infiltrator Link      
Infiltrator - DarkAvenger A Link      
Infiltrator - DarkAvenger B Link      
Influenza Bootblock   Clone of: Turk
Inger IQ Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
Ingo Bootblock   Clone of: Lads
Ingo Is Back Bootblock   Clone of: Zenker
Ingos Return Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer
Intl Gag Trojan      
Inspector X of A.L.F Trojan     Other name: Bulletin
Interlamer File     Other name: ASIF
Intro-Maker Trojan     Other name: Disaster Master v2 Installer
Invader Link      
IO4-Invi Trojan      
IQ Breaker Bootblock   Clone of: Blackflash v2.0
Irak3 Multipartite   Clone of: CCCP
Iran System     Clone of: Saddam
IRQ 1 Link      
IRQ 2 Link      
IRQ - Metamorphosis Multipartite    
Istrip Trojan     Other name: BBS.Istrip


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Jack 1 Link     Other name: Traveling Jack 1
Jack 2 Link     Other name: Traveling Jack 2
Jackal Bootblock    
Jackal Dropper Trojan   Other name: VProtector v1.0
Jeff Butonic 1.31 File   Other name: Butonic 4.55
Jeff Butonic 3.00 File   Other name: Butonic 3.00
Jeff Butonic 3.10 File     Clone of : Butonic 3.00
JINX Bootblock    
Jitr Bootblock    
JizAnsi Trojan      
Jode Capullos Test File      
Jode Capullos dropper 1 Trojan      
Jode Capullos dropper 2 Trojan      
Joker A - InstSG Trojan      
Joker B - Condom Trojan      
Joshua 1.0 Bootblock    
Joshua 2.1 Bootblock    
Joshua 2.2 Bootblock    
Joshua 3.0 Bootblock   Clone of: Joshua 1.0
JT-Protector Bootblock   Clone of: Coder
Julie Bootblock   Other name: Virus Predator


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KaKo Bootblock     Clone of: Extreme
KaKo Installer Trojan     Clone of: TFC Loadwb dropper
Karadic Trojan      
Karl Marx Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Katrin Bootblock   Clone of: Killed
Kauki Bootblock    
Kefrens 1 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Kefrens 2 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Kick System     Clone of: Saddam
Killed Bootblock    
Kimbel Bootblock     Clone of: Creeping Eel
Khomeni Bootblock   Clone of: Gadaffi
Klein Link     Other name: Infiltrator
Kuk Crew Trojan     Other name: AmiBlank


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Labtec Trojan      
Lads Bootblock    
Lads - Zest Bootblock   Other name: Gremlin 2
Lame Style UK Bootblock   Other name: Lamer CList
LameBlame Bootblock    
LameBlame - Chaos Bootblock    
LameBlame - Cheater Bootblock    
LameBlame - Cheater Dropper Trojan      
LameBlame - Polish Bootblock   Other name: Polish
LameGame Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
Lamer 1.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 1.5 Bootblock    
Lamer 2.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 3.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 4.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 5.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 6.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 7.0 Bootblock    
Lamer 8.0 Bootblock    
Lamer Bomb Trojan     Other name: LamerLink
Lamer Dropper Trojan        
Lamer - Boot Aids Bootblock    
Lamer - Clist Bootblock    
Lamer - Hilly Bootblock    
Lamer - Ingos return Bootblock    
Lamer - Mad 4 Bootblock    
Lamer - Metamorphosis Multipartite   Other name: Metamorphosis
Lamer - VirusX L8 dropper Trojan      
Lamer - Warshaw Avenger Bootblock   Other name: Warshaw Avenger
LamerLink File      
LamerLink - Gotcha lamer File      
LamerLink - LoadWB File      
LamerLink - Return Of Lamer File      
Lamestyle UK Bootblock   Other name: Lamer CList
Laureline Female Bootblock    
Laureline Male Bootblock    
Laurin System   Clone of: Saddam
Lazarus -   This is NOT a virus or trojan
Lazer Bootblock   Clone of: Supply Team
Le Role Bootblock     Clone of: Return of Lamer Exterminator
Lemke Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
Lenin Expropriator Bootblock   Clone: Lamer Extermanitor 2.0
Leviathan Multipartite      
LHA Check Trojan     Other name: BBS.Lhacheck
LHA FA58B1EF Link     Other name: FA58B1EF
Liberator 1.21 File      
Liberator 3.00 File      
Liberator 5.01 Fil    
Liberator 5.01 - Lamerfry File      
Lisa Fuck Up 2 Trojan      
Lisa Fuck Up 3 Trojan      
Lisa Fuck Up 3 dropper Trojan      
Little Sven Bootblock    
Little Sven Dropper Trojan      
LoadWB File     Clone of: LamerLink
Logic Bomb Bootblock   Clone of: Paradox 1
LOBO Hardcore Link      
LOBO Simple Link      
LOBO Weird Link      
Look Trojan     Other name: BBS.Look
Loom System   Clone of: Saddam
Loop Combo File    
Loverboy Bootblock    
Lovemachine Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
LSD Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Lummin File     Other name: XaCa & Disk-Killer v1.0
Lupo File     Clone of: CompuPhagozyte Nano
Lurad Trojan    
LZ Link      
LZX v1.20 Turbo Trojan     Other name: WireFace - LZX


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Maas Bootblock     Clone of: Warhawk
Mad 1 Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Mad 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Gaddafi
Mad 3 Bootblock   Clone of: ByteWarrior
Mad 4 Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer
Mad Roger Bootblock    
Mafia Bootblock     Clone of: Dotty
Magic Plagiator Bootblock   Clone of: FICA
Magic Ultra Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctor 101
Mallander Bootblock   Other name: Derk
MasterBBS Trojan     Other name: BBS.MasterBBS
Max A Trojan     Other name: BBS.Max A
Max B Trojan     Other name: BBS.Max B
Max C Trojan     Other name: BBS.Max C
Max D Trojan     Other name: BBS.Max D
Max Safe Trojan     Other name: BBS.Max Safe
Max - Creeping Eel Bootblock    
Max - Digital Dream dropper Trojan      
Max - DiskKiller bomb Xa File      
Max - Max Of Starlight Bootblock    
Max - Mutilator Bootblock   Other name: Multilator
Max - Sepultura Bootblock   Othername : Sepultura
Max - Suicide Bootblock   Othername : Suicide Machine
MegaLink Link      
MegaMaster Bootblock    
MegaMon Trojan     Other name: BBS.PP-Bomb.MegaMon
Memcheck File     Other name: Liberator v1.21
MenemsRevenge Link      
Merry Trojan     Other name: BBS.Merry
MessAngel Multipartite   Other name: Eleni MessAngel
Metamorphosis Multipartite   Clone of: IRQ
MEXX Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
MG's Bootblock    
MGM89 Bootblock   Clone of: Megamaster
Microsystems Bootblock  
Modemcheck File      
Modemcheck - 666 Trojan      
ModuleMaster 17 Trojan     Other name: BBS.PP-Bomb.ModuleMaster
Mongo 09 Trojan     Other name: BBS.MONGO 09
Mongo 51 Trojan     Other name: BBS.MONGO 51
Morbid Angel Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Mosh 1 Bootblock    
Mosh 2 Bootblock    
Motaba 3 Link      
Motaba 3 dropper Trojan      
Mount Multi   Other name: Eleni Virus 2.2
Mount dropper 1 Trojan      
Mount dropper 2 File     Other name: SMBX Trojan
Mount 972 File     Other name: BEOL
MT Bootblock   Other name: Incognito
MUI 4.0 Fake Trojan      
Multilator Bootblock    
Muriel Bootblock   Other Name: Virus Slayer v6.12
Mutation Nation Link      
MWB Bootblock     Clone of: Julie


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Nano File   Other name: CompuPhagozyte Nano
Nast File     Clone of: BGS9
Nasty Nasty Bootblock    
Nato System     Clone of: Saddam
NeuroticDeath 1 Link      
NeuroticDeath 2 Link      
NeuroticDeath 3 Link      
NeuroticDeath 4 Link        
NeuroticDeath 5 Link      
NewAge92 Link      
NewLink Link     Other name: VTek 2.2 virus
NewLink dropper Trojan     Other name: VTek 2.2 dropper
New Beat Bootblock   Other name: Alien New Beat
Nibbler Link      
Nibbler dropper Link        
Nightmare Loader 1 Bootblock  
Nightmare Loader 2 Bootblock  
No Guru File     Other name: BBS.No Guru
NoBanditAnymore Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
NoCare Trojan     Other name: Labtec
NoHead Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
NoName (212 bytes) Link     Other name: 212
NoName (248 bytes) Link      
NoName Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctor 101
NoName 1 Bootblock     Other name: ByteBandit 2
NoName 2 Bootblock     Other name: Joshua 2
NoName 3 Bootblock    
NorthStar 1 Bootblock    
NorthStar 1 Chaos Force Five Bootblock   Other Name: Chaos Force Five
NorthStar 2 Bootblock    
NorthStar 3 Bootblock      
NorthStar Ripper Bootblock   Other name: Ripper
Novi File     Clone of: BGS9
Nuked 007 Bootblock   Other name: Shit & Hackers


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Obelisk 1 Bootblock    
Obelisk 2 Bootblock    
Omsa Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
Opapa Bootblock    
Oral Device Bootblock   Clone of: Fuck Device
Orb 95 File      
Overkill Bootblock    


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PAL Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
Pamelashow Trojan      
Paradox 1 Bootblock    
Paradox 2 Bootblock    
Paramount Bootblock   Clone of: ByteWarrior
Paratax 1 Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Paratax 2 Bootblock   Clone of: DiskDoctors
Paratax 3 Bootblock   Clone of: 16 BitCrew
Parfum System     Clone of: Saddam
Payday Bootblock   Clone of: Starfire 2
PB-Party Trojan     Other name: BBS.PB-Party
Pentagon Circle 1 Bootblock    
Pentagon Circle 2 Bootblock    
Pentagon Circle 3 Bootblock    
Penetrator 2001 Link    
Perverse I Bootblock   Other name: BootX
Pestilence Bootblock    
PHA Trojan      
Phantasmumble Bootblock   Other name: Disk-Herpes
Phantastograph Bootblock   Other name: Disk-Herpes
Phantom Link      
Phantom dropper Trojan     See more at: Phantom
Plastique Bootblock   Clone of: 16 BitCrew
Plus Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
Poland Link      
Polish Bootblock   Clone of: LameBlame
Polish Power Link      
PolPow Link     Other name: Antonio
Polyzygotronifikator Link      
Pong Bootblock  
PoPa File       Clone of: BGS9
Port 67 mkey Trojan     Other name: BBS.Port67 mkey
Port 2421 Trojan      
Port 4097 Trojan      
Powerbomb Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Powerteam Bootblock      
Powertrader Trojan     Other name: BBS.Powertrader
President Bootblock   Clone of: Megamaster
Primavera Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
Promoter Trojan      
PseudoSelfWriter Bootblock     Other name: Lamer 7
Pstats Trojan     Other name: BBS.Pstats
Purge File      
Purge dropper Trojan      


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Qrdl 1.1 Link      
Qtx pow Trojan     Other name: BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx pow
Qz Parasite Bootblock     Other name: Australian Parasite


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RAF Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
Rastenbork v1.2 Bootblock    
Rastenbork v1.2 dropper File    
Rastenbork v2.0 Bootblock    
Rastenbork v2.0 dropper File    
Red October 1.7 Link      
Rene Bootblock   Other name: Lamer 5
Reorgit Trojan      
Republikaner Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
Return Of Lamer File     Other name: LamerLink Return Of Lamer
Revenge 1.2G Bootblock  
Revenge 1.2G - Sendarian Bootblock    
Revenge Bootloader Bootblock    
Revenge Of The Lamer File    
Revenge Nano File     Other name: CompuPhagozyte Nano
Rexxfunc.library Trojan      
Ripper Bootblock    
Risc System     Clone of: Saddam
Riska Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Rob Northern File     Clone of: BGS9
Robby Bootblock    
Rude Xerox 2.0 Bootblock     Other name: Forpib


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Sachsen 1 Bootblock    
Sachsen 3 Bootblock    
Saddam Bootblock    
Saddam 1 System      
Saddam 1 System    
Saddam 2 System      
Saddam 3 System        
Saddam 4 System      
Saddam 5 System        
Saddam 6 System        
Saddam 7 System      
Saddam 4711 Snoopdos Trojan      
Saddam - Affe System    
Saddam - Animal System      
Saddam - Diskval 1234 System      
Saddam - DiVa System        
Saddam - DiVa dropper Trojan     Other name: Diva Dropper
Saddam - Gral System    
Saddam - Hardex System    
Saddam - Irak System      
Saddam - Iran System      
Saddam - Kick System      
Saddam - Laurin System    
Saddam - Loom System    
Saddam - Nato System      
Saddam - Parfum System      
Saddam - Risc System      
Saddam - Zine System      
Saddam - ][ System    
SaoPaulo Bootblock    
Satan Bootblock  
SCA DOS Kill File     Other name: D&A
SCA - Original Bootblock    
SCA - 2001 Bootblock    
SCA - 666 Bootblock    
SCA - AEK Bootblock    
SCA - Aids HIV Bootblock    
SCA - Amigamaster Bootblock    
SCA - Assassin Bootblock    
SCA - Asylant Bootblock    
SCA - Atomix Bootblock      
SCA - BadBytes 4 Bootblock    
SCA - Baltarsar Bootblock      
SCA - Bamiga Sector One Bootblock    
SCA - Big Boss Bootblock    
SCA - BJH Bootblock  
SCA - Blade Runners Bootblock    
SCA - DAG Bootblock    
SCA - DAG dropper Trojan      
SCA - Deniz Bootblock    
SCA - Devil Bootblock  
SCA - DiskTerminator Bootblock    
SCA - DTL Bootblock    
SCA - Error Bootblock    
SCA - Frankenstein Bootblock  
SCA - Iceman and Irq Bootblock    
SCA - KarlMarx Bootblock    
SCA - Kefrens 1 Bootblock    
SCA - Kefrens 2 Bootblock    
SCA - LSD Bootblock    
SCA - Max Bootblock      
SCA - MEXX Bootblock    
SCA - Microsystems Bootblock    
SCA - Muriel Bootblock   Other Name: Virus Slayer v6.12
SCA - Nasa Bootblock      
SCA - PAL Bootblock      
SCA - Paratax 1 Bootblock    
SCA - PDS Bootblock      
SCA - PPK Bootblock      
SCA - Republikaner Bootblock    
SCA - Sphinx Bootblock      
SCA - Starlight 2 Bootblock    
SCA - TNK Bootblock   Other name: The New Kid
SCA - UltraFox Bootblock    
SCA - XCopy Bootblock    
Scan Ebola 97 Trojan     Other name: Lisa Fuck Up v3 dropper
Scan X Trojan     Other name: BBS ScanX
ScanLink v1.0 Trojan     Other name: WireFace - ScanLink
ScareCrow 1 Trojan      
ScareCrow 2 Trojan      
Scarface 1 Bootblock    
Scarface 2 Bootblock    
SCSI File      
SelfWriter Bootblock     Other name: Lamer 7
Sentinel Bootblock   Other name: Excrement
Sendarian Bootblock   Clone of: Revenge 1.2G
Septic Schizo Link     Other name: DarkAvenger B
Sepultura Bootblock   Clone of: Forpib
Sepultura 1.00 File    
Sepultura 2.26 File      
SehrJung dropper Trojan     Other name: YAM Message 2
SHI Bootblock   Clone of: Australian Parasite
Shit Bootblock   Other name: Nuked 007 & Hackers
ShowSysops File     Other name: BBS.ShowSysops
Shut Berlin Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
Silesian Bootblock   Other name: Mosh 1
Silesian Link     Other name: Invader
SMBX Trojan     Other name: Mount dropper 2
Smeg 1 Link     Other name: Hostile Takeover 1
Smeg 2 Link     Other name: Hostile Takeover 2
Smeg 2 dropper Trojan      
SmilyCancer 1 File    
SmilyCancer 1 dropper Trojan      
SmilyCancer 2 File      
Sofia Bootblock     Other name: Gyros
Sonja Bootblock    
Sphinx-O Bootblock    
Snoopdos 1.6 Trojan     Other name: BBS.Snoopdos 1.6
Starcom 1 Multipartite   Clone of: CCCP
Starcom 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer 4.0
Starcom 3 Bootblock   Clone of: ByteVoyager
Starcom 4 Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer 6.0
Starcom 5 Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer Boot Aids
Starcom 6 Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Starlight 1 Bootblock   Clone of: Warhawk
Starlight 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Microsystems
Starlight Bomb Trojan     Other name: Commodore
STD L700 Trojan      
STD L700 dropper Trojan      
STD Craps 1 Link      
STD Craps 1 dropper Trojan      
STD Vaginitis 1 Link      
STD Vaginitis 1 dropper Trojan      
STD Vaginitis 2 Trojan      
STD Vaginitis 2 dropper Trojan      
STD Vaginitis 3 Trojan      
Stockmarket Trojan     Other name: BBS.Stockmarket
StrangeAtmosphere Link      
StrangeAtmosphere dropper 1 Link      
Suicide Machine Bootblock   Other name: Max Suicide
Sumpf Gag Trojan      
Suntronic Bootblock    
Superboy Bootblock   Clone of: Vermin
SuperNovaKiller Link     Other name: Pahntom
Supply Team Bootblock    
Surprise Trojan      
Susi Drive Stepper Trojan      
Swifter Trojan      
SwiftWare 0.98 Trojan     Other name: BBS.SwiftWare 0.98
Switch Off Bootblock   Other name: Joshua 2a
SystemZ 3.0 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 4.0 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 4.1 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 5.0 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 5.1 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 5.3 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 5.4 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 6.1 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 6.2 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 6.3 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 6.4 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector
SystemZ 6.5 Bootblock   Other name: PVL Virusprotector


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T.ET.E Bootblock     Clone of: Zombi 1
Tai-Pan Chaos Bootblock   Other name: Chaos
TAI 1 Bootblock     Clone of: SCA
TAI 2 Bootblock     Clone of: MAD 2
TAI 3 Bootblock     Clone of: Forpib
TAI 4 Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
TAI 5 Bootblock     Clone of: DumDum 2
TAI 6 Bootblock     Clone of: CCCP
TAI 7 Bootblock     Clone of: Lamer
TAI 8 Bootblock     Clone of: 16 Bit Crew
TAI 9 Bootblock     Clone of: Dat 89
TAI 10 Bootblock     Clone of: Clonk
TAI 11 File     Clone of: CompuPhagozyte 3
TAI 13 Bootblock     Clone of: Glasnost
Target Bootblock    
TBS Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1
TCP 2001 Remoteshell Trojan      
TCP 2421 Remoteshell Trojan      
TCP 4097 Remoteshell Trojan      
TCP Datatypes Trojan      
TCP ZakahackandPatch Trojan      
TDTJ Trojan      
TeleCom File      
Telstar Bootblock    
Terrorists 1 File     Clone of: BGS9
Terrorists 2 File     Clone of: NoVi
Termigator Bootblock    
TFC 1.03 Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
TFC 2.14 Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
TFC Evergreen 47.11 Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
TFC Loadwb dropper File     Clone of: Extreme
The New Kid Bootblock   Clone of SCA
Thaho8 Bootblock     This is NOT a virus
Tick Bootblock     Other name: Virus Predator
Timebomb 09 7840 Trojan      
Timebomb 1.0 Bootblock   Other name: Avirex Timebomb
Timebomb - BadBytes 2 Bootblock    
Timebomb - Fat 1 Bootblock    
Timebomb - LameGame Bootblock    
Timebomb - Omsa Bootblock    
Timebomb - TAI 4 Bootblock   Other name: Timebomb
Timebomb - Tomates Gentechnik Bootblock    
Timer Trojan      
Timer Bomber Trojan      
TNK Bootblock   Clone of SCA
Tomates Gentechnik 1 Bootblock   Clone of: Timebomb
Tomates Gentechnic 2 Bootblock   Clone of: Coder
TopUtil Trojan     Other name: BBS.TopUtil
Trabbi Link     Other name: Hochofen
Trainer Trojan      
Traveling Jack 1 Link      
Traveling Jack 2 Link      
Traveling Jack AntiChrist Link      
Traveller Link     Other name: BBS.Traveller
Traveller 1.0 Bootblock    
TRG Loader Bootblock    
Trilobyte 1 Trojan     Other name: BBS Max A
Trilobyte 2 Trojan     Other name: BBS Max C
Triplex Bootblock    
Trisector911 Bootblock    
Trojan3 10536 Trojan     Other name: BBS.Trojan3 10536
Trustnoone 1 Trojan      
Trustnoone 2 Trojan      
Trustnoone 3 Trojan      
TTS1 Bootblock   Other name: Bad Bytes 1
Turk Bootblock    
Turk Installer File      
Turk Influenza Bootblock    
Twins Bootblock   Other name: Bad Bytes 2
Twinz Santa Claus Bootblock   Clone of: Coder
Tyrannovirus Rex Bootblock  


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UA 62 ACP Trojan     Other name: PHA Trojan
UA Dialer 2.8g Trojan     Other name: BBS.UA Dialer 2.8g
UA Dailer 6.2 Trojan     Other name: BBS.CLP UA Dailer 6.2
Uhr Bootblock   Other name: Unknown 1
UltraFox Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
ULVD8 Bootblock    
Umyj Dupe Bootblock    
Unknown 1 Bootblock   Other name: Uhr
Unknown 2 Bootblock  
Unknown 3 Bootblock    
Unknown 4 Bootblock   Other name: Gurke
UNLZX Trojan     Other name: Gotcha 1
USSR 492 Bootblock   Other name: Excrement


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VCC of TNT Bootblock    
Vermin Bootblock    
Vermin - Superboy Bootblock    
Violator Link     Other name: Christmas Violator
VIPHS Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit
Virus Construction Set 1 Bootvirus    
Virus Construction Set 1 File    
Virus Construction Set 2 Bootvirus    
Virus Construction Set 2 File    
Virus V1 Bootblock    
VirusBlaster v2.3 File      
VirusChecker Key 1.10 Trojan     Other name: WireFace - MakeKey
VirusFigther v1.0 Bootblock   Clone of: Vkill 1
VirusHunter Trojan      
VirusKiller Virus Bootblock   Other name: CLI-Manager
VirusPredator Bootblock  
VirusProtect Bootblock   Clone of: Blizzard 1.0
VirusSlayer v1.0 Bootblock  
VirusSlayer v6.12 Bootblock   Other Name: Muriel (SCA)
VirusTerminator v6.0 Trojan     Other name: Cheater-Hijacker
VirusTest Bomb 936 Trojan      
VirusX L8 dropper Trojan     Lamer Strain
Virus-Murder v5.3 Bootblock  
VHT 1 Bootblock   Australian Parasite Clone
VHT 2 Bootblock   Warhawk Clone
Vkill 1.0 Bootblock    
Vkill 2.0 Bootblock  
VMK 1.2 Trojan     Other name: Afort dropper
VMK 3.00 Trojan      
Voxel Svind Trojan      
Vprotector v1.0 Trojan   Other name: Jackal Dropper
VTek 2.2 Link      
VTek 2.2 dropper Link      


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Waft Bootblock    
Wahnfried Bootblock    
Warhawk Bootblock    
Warshaw Avenger Bootblock   Clone of: Lamer
Wawe Trojan      
Wech Link Virus      
WireFace - Alfons Edberg 2 Trojan      
WireFace - MakeKey Trojan      
WireFace - ScanLink Trojan      
WireFace - LZX Trojan      
WireFace - ComKiller Trojan      
WireFace - AECrack Trojan      
WireFace - CheckMount Trojan      
Wizard Timebomb Trojan     Other name: Timebomb 09 7840
Wus Bootblock   Clone: ByteBandit 1


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XaCa File     Other name: Lummin & Disk-Killer v1.0
XCopy Bootblock   Clone of: SCA
XCopy 6.5 Trojan    
XCopy 8.5 Trojan    
xCom Link      
xCom Installer Trojan      
Xeno 1 Link    
Xeno 2 Link      
Xeno Bestial Link      
XFD Infiltrator Link      
Xtruder 3.5 Trojan      


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YAM Message 2 Trojan      
YAM Patcher Trojan      
Yaw 1 Bootblock     Clone of: Amiga Fanatic
Yaw 2 Bootblock     Clone of: Fuck Device
Yaw 3 Bootblock     Clone of: LameGame


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Zaccess 1.0 Bootblock   Clone of: 16 BitCrew
Zaccess 2.0 Bootblock   Clone of: ByteBandit Forpib
Zaccess 3.0 Bootblock   Clone of: Extreme
Zakapior Trojan      
Zappa B door Trojan     Other name: BBS.Zappa B door
Zenker Bootblock    
Zenker Ingo Bootblock    
Zevil Bootblock  
Z.E.S.T. Bootblock   Clone of : Lads
ZIB File      
ZIB dropper Trojan      
Zine File      
Zine Fastdir File      
Zine Fastdir BBS File      
Zinko Trojan      
ZLX Bootblock   Other name: SCA Deniz
Zombi 1.0 Bootblock    
ZonderCommando 1 Trojan      
ZonderCommando 2 Trojan      

Types Of Amiga Viruses:

Bootblock virus, File virus, Link virus, System virus, Multipartite & Trojan virus

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