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        Alien Virus
        Alien Virus:

        Filelength:596 unpacked
                   1016 packed with powerpacker (this file was spread)

           Other possible names: Elien_virus_checker 0.1

        This is a quite simple trojan, which is really not worth the
        lines I am writing here.

        At first it will be tried to open the file sys:MeGaSUXX.TXT.
        Then a text containing 9times "a" will be written in the file.
        If the writeaccess was successful, it will be tried to write
        again this 9 bytes. This loop ends, if 900000 "a" stand in the
        file or the writeaccess was not successfull. After this,
        you can only press the leftmousebutton and the programm exits.

        Better play with your joystick and don`t code such a shit !

        Visible texts at the end of the trojan:

                '$VER:Elien_virus_checker v0.1 by zupa/T.L.X.'

        Test by Markus Schmall          Detection tested 24.08.1994.

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