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        Aereg 3.9 Virus:

        Length (packed with Imploder 4.0 in Lib.mode): 656 bytes
        Length unpacked:                               664 bytes

        Appeared 11.09.1993  on  the german mailboxes  with  the
        following name: "aereg`em.lha".

        It claims to be a registrator for the cracked version of
        AmiExpress 3.9.I have heard that AmiExpress 3.9 does not
        need a keyfile.So what`s this ?

        Oh,a new little very LAME destroyerprogramm for the  /X-
        It destroys following files:


        The programm works with all processors and  Kickstarts.

        At the end of the decrunched file you can see the following

        'Registrator for Ami-Express'
        'Startup /X 3.9 Crack As Normal'
        'Run Registrator v0.1'
        'To Update 3.9 to a Registation /X'
        'Registration LRA-11.0089'
        'This is an un-registered version of Expr'
        'Registration UOB-09.0493'
        'Registration version of Express v3.9'

        The document for this virus looks like this:


        This Stuff is quite easy to install...
        extract all stuff to ram: and copy the dir contents into your own..
        first run AeRegist.exe after that run convertdb to convert the old
        ami-express conf.db into the V3.9 conf.db
        (this will clean up the msg base also)

        Thx for your attention, have fun !!"

        Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested on 12.09.1993.


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