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        Description 4.0 Virus
        Description 4.0 Virus:
        Other name: Descriptor 3.0

        Filelength=7016                               Spreaded at 05-07-1993

        This virus appeared first at 05.07.1993. on the  german BBSs.It`s  a
        patched version of Description 3.0 by SBS!.This is a  utilitie,which
        is only usefull for AmiExpress boards.It was released as version 4.0
        but in the file the original 3.0 messages appear.Then  it claims  to
        load "SNAP" in the memory but it loads the delete command and clears
        all files.The viruscoder must have Kickstart 2 but is for gods  sake
        not very well informed about the new functions....

        You can see the command as an ASCII string in the code:

                                   "delete :#? all".
        Protect all important files on disc  and the virus should not  clear
        them,because "delete" searches for the PROTECTIONbits"....

        The virus is completely implented in the programm.No linker etc. was
        used in my opinion.The virus works only if  all programms needed  by
        the original DESCRIPTION 3.0 are avaible.I forgot to copy the  file:
        "S:Descriptions.TXT" and the virus did not work.

        Special thanks must  go  to  Atomix for  the  warning and Ronny  for
        keeping that  virus  for  me.Thanx  pals.Two  days  after  the first
        appearance of this virus,I got it from you....

                        Detection tested on 07.07.1993.

        At the end of the file you can see a text saying:Your HD is deleted.
        Happy Birthday MCI/DCS Hahahahah....................

        Comment 28.07.1993:
        The -z-speed.lha Virus is the DESCRIPTION 4.0 virus.Thanks Marcel  !
        This virus claims to speed up your USR HST 14.4 modems.This is pure

        The original document:

        >Just RUn Speeder.exe From Ram And Watch YER CPS CLIMB On
        >You Next Transfer Mine Increased from 1600 to 1800
        >On normal 14.4 HST
        >                     SAMIR ZENITH LEADER Y
        >Watch For Our releases!!!!!

        -> This is  a damm fake.Samir has  nothing to with it (at  least  I
         heard it).

        Removal: Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
                 Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

        Test by Markus Schmall               Detection tested on 01.08.1993


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