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Top util Virus BBS Virus

- Top util Virus    Length unpacked: 2260 Bytes
  Other name: TopDog 1.0

  Name reason: In File can be read: Top util by
  Zacker of EnSoniC V1.0.

  Was sendt to me unpacked. Wich is why VT only recognise
  the virus in unpacked state. Not resident in memory, so
  there is no need for memory recognition. As it do not
  spread, by defenition it is not a virus. It is a desturktive
  file targeted at BBS sites. Not dangerous to users without
  a Mail-Box.

 It camuflages itself by Cli-messege:
 Top util By Zacker of EnSoniC V1.0
 Call Zack BBS 16.8 HST 407-232-6324 HST ONLY!!

USEAGE: Top (num /ALL) <-Hfname> <-Sfname> <-Ttext>
    num : Min. megs to get on the list
    ALL : Show all users (default to BBS:User.rpt)
    -H  : Use the file name after -H as the TOP hdr
          if no -s is used default =  BBS:user.rpt
    -T  : text to be used with top dog
        : TOPDOG (I just added)
    -S  : Use the file name after -S as TOP list

But in reality it damages: is rewriten, with a new length of 66 Bytes,
    thereby loosing the old files contents.

     0000: 0CEBEAE5 EAA0F4E9 E9E9F4E7 B4A0E9F7
     0010: EDF6E5F7 E5F7E9A0 E9F2E5F7 E7E5F7A0
     0020: 67726577 67206565 20200A20 54686520 grewg ee  . The
     0030: 54687265 65204D75 736B6574 65657273 Three Musketeers
     0040: 200A

     Filerecognition with VT : 02.11.92
     Recomendation: Delete File.

     Removal: Kickstart 1.2 & 1.3 : VT-Schutz v3.17
              Kickstart all others: VirusZ III with Xvs.library installed

Translated to English by Steen Jacobsen  2001 VHT-DK.
Org. text by Heiner Schneegold (VT-Kent)

Virum Help Team
Denmark & Canada
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