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     BBS.Zappa B door Trojan
    - ZAPA_B.Door Filename DM-Trash
         Lenght packed: 4764 VT recognizes P-Packer
         Unpacked length: 7636 VT recognizes ZAPA
                          against AmiExpress ???
         dm-tr.lha 5135 bytes unpacked: dm-trash 4764 bytes
         the following text (doc) is included for deception:
         New virus ... caused by the new FIXED (?) Version
         of DMS 1.11 Turbo!
         It is some kind of link virus and uses devices
         like DH0 :, LIBS :, and BBS: (!!) etc.

         Have my own attempts with FangFiles (I didn't have AmiExpress)
         result that the following files are changed by dm-trash
         den: bbs: config1 bbs: bbs: user.key
         The files were extended and ZAPA entered.
         dm-trash. Probably a super level for a box
         gear can be created. So for normal Amiga users no
         VT offers delete.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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