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     - Bied Bootblock virus
         Bent vectors: KickTag, DoIo
         Always in store from $ 7F800
         Reset-proof: Yes
         Does NOT request trackdisk.device
         The following can be read decoded in the BB:
            65207472 69636b79 20424945 442d4249 e tricky BIED-BI
            544d4150 2d564952 55532120 20202863 TMAP-VIRUS! (c
         The text is never output.
         a: Writes a virus BB. Also on FFS disk, i.e. the disc
            structure is not correct and e.g. copy file can
            the disc will become unusable. So if you have this virus
            Remove the BB from a disc and then in the file test the
            Receive the message "bad data", please try
            VT to install an FFS-BB.
         b: searches for the root block. The routine is only right for
            DD disk. Then tries to determine the BitMapBlock ($ 13c).
            The routine is only correct for block size 512 bytes.
            BitMapBlock $ 371 before: after:
            000: dfe9b83f 00000000 ...? ....: cff1b85f 00000000 ..._....
            ; ....
            038: 00000000 0007ffff ........: 0fffffe0 ffffffff ........
            040: ffffffff 00001fff ........: ffffffff 00001fff ........
            Disk blocks are therefore not used in the BitMapBlock
            marked. If you are now using copy file on this disc
            write, there is a risk that you will read parts of others
            Overwrite files.
            VT can NOT recognize the BitMap change, and so can
            do not reverse.
            Try to save something with copy df0: df1: all is.
            Removal...: VT-Schutz v3.17

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