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- SnoopDos-JEFF-Virus

File length: 15336 Bytes.
Type:    Trojan horse.
Withput JEFF Butonic the file length is: 11568 Bytes.
A4000/40: no cache only.
Using Hunklab a JEFF-Butinic V4.55 is linked to a SnoopDos.
(ref. JEFF)
Whether the SnoopDos file is genuine or not, I can't determine.
I have no information on Version 1.9, (as of Aug. 93). It is
possible that someone has increased the version number using a
Monitor. SnoopDos is clean, however.

           ff84584f 4cdf4080 4e752456 45523a20 ..XOL.@.Nu$VER:
           536e6f6f 70446f73 20312e39 20283132 SnoopDos 1.9 (12
           2e30352e 39332900 50726f63 65737320 .05.93).Process
           6e616d65 20202020 20202020 20204675 name          Fu

VT Filetest identifyes it as: SnoopDos-JEFF.
VT Memorytest first warns you that you have failed to close
SnoopDos before running VT, then is warns you that "JEFF BUTINIC
V4.55 is present in memory.

 Translated to English by Steen Jacobsen  2001 VHT-Denmark
 Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

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