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 Starcom 3 Virus - Byte Voyager 1 clone

- STARCOM 3, a Byte Voyager 1 clone. (ref. BB above)

    A true masterpiece! Just changed the text!

    Uncoded can be read:
           fff64681 23410004 4cdf0303 4e751e54 ..F.#A..L...Nu.T
           68652052 4556454e 4745206f 66205354 he REVENGE of ST
           4152434f 4d202121 21000000 00000000 ARCOM !!!.......
    Writes to Block 880 (Disk ROOT only):
           Block:     880
         01b0: 1e546865 20524556 454e4745 206f6620 .The REVENGE of
         01c0: 53544152 434f4d20 21212100 00000000 STARCOM !!!.....

    This gives the disk a new name.
    Does NOT need Trackdisk.device.

    Hint: The Program does NOT reserve memory beyond $7F000.
    This means that other programs, such as VT, can be loaded here.
    As the hidden KickTag-pointer is residing in part of EXEC, that
    is protected, this can result in; "Unknown Program" or "ResStruc
    bend" errors.
    With 5MB memory, this viruspart was recoginzed in memory. Under
    KickStart 1.3, given this size of memory, the program won't
    survive a Reset, and the virus can't multiply using "DoIo."

     Translated to English by Steen Jacobsen  2001 VHT-Denmark
     Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

    Ascii of Starcom 3 (Byte Voyager) virus:

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