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   COP LZX v1.20 Trojan

   LZX 1.20 bugfixed version (Biomechanic trojan)
   Filelength: 67504 bytes unpacked
   Linking method: 4eb9
   Linked file packed with: PP4.0

   This is just another trojan out of the BIOMECHANIC series. It tries
   to manipulate several data on the main device, but failes at my
   system. Nothing special to be said about this virus. Simple
   destructive via normal DOS access and nothing tricky in it.

   When you start the file, the following text will appear on the screen:

   '                         The forces of terror.'
   '                  Biomechanic and C.O.P world tour 95.'
   '      Just writing over some files is not so cool. Improve the code!'
   '          Message to C.O.P! Cool work, but make more cooler trojans.'
   '            Lean back and listen to the soun'd of a writing HD.'
   '           Biomechanic did it again with a new smarter trojan!'

   As said the ordinary 4eb9 linker is used again. If you find such a file,
   then be very carefull ! VirusWorkshop is able to recognize a lot of
   different 4eb9 types.

   Here the faked FILE_ID.DIZ:

   LZX V1.20 bugfixed by Blackhawk.
   680020 Registred version only.

   This trojan comes with a readme file, with some faked text:
   Hi dudez! Here's a bugfixed verion of LZX, the best archiver avalaible
   today. The version is 1.20 and it's also registrated. I hope that my
   little update won't cause more bugs, than it had before! :) But anyway,
   I've tested it and it worked just fine for me!

   Please not that this is not a original release from the authors. It just
   had a annoying bug which I wanted to fix, and so I did.

   signing of: BlackHawk.

   Test by Markus Schmall                       Detection tested 4.8.1995


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