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     GlobVec 144 Link Virus
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     - GlobVec144-LVirus File Link
         Name justification: changed pointer, because nothing useful in the
                            link part
         Bent vectors: Cold, KickTag, AddTask,
                             in the GlobVec table the value at $ 144
         Resetfest: yes
         File extension: 2440 bytes
         Link behind first hunk.
         VT tries to switch off the process in memory. Would be better
         me, however, if you are from a "clean" and writing
         Protect disk would start, because also in the segment lists
         the process changes are made.
         VT tries to remove the link part from a file.
         Propagation conditions:
           - File executable ($ 3F3)
           - no hunk name (4 (file) must be 0)
           - no hunk overlay ($ c (file) must be 0)
           - $ 14 (File) = length behind the identifier ($ 3E9)
         Try to save protection flags.
         The part does not respond.
         Attempts to change process structures in memory.
         A device appears in VT / Listen Resident:
         Verse 34 Pri -1 name changes or name empty
         Note: A Syquest medium was unusable in a short time. It
         defective files have also arisen. Files also seem to
         where the number in the 1st hunk is larger than the
         saved file. VT should output "1.Hunk> Filelaenge" and
         Offer delete.
         Note2: Older VT-Ver. should have found the part if
         You turn on the date in VTPrefs. Older VT Ver. had
         find the part if you have the checksum in VTPrefs
         turn on. To do this you have to copy in "good times"
         after ram and back again e.g. in C-Dir for a uniform
         Date. Or you have to use VT checksums have forms.
         Note3: If your hard drive is heavily contaminated, go
         please in Sp-File-Sp and test individual SubDir (DirFTest).

         Note4: RDB Formatter 2 Virus
         Another antivirus program uses this name to recognize files
         modified by the GlobVec144-LVirus. JUST !!!! The
         GlobVec144-LVirus does NOT contain a rigid format routine !!!!!

         Antivirus: VT-Schutz v3.17

     Orginal text by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english, with use of Google translate
     Virus Help Team are looking for this virus, please send it to us

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