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    Labtec Trojan Virus

    Labtec Trojan Virus:
    Filelength:     13556 bytes        (Imploder 4.0 Library imploded)
                    28840 bytes        nonpacked

    This is a classical trojan. The file contains a special Date-
    stamp routine and a special date, the files

    c:lha,c:zoo,sys:wbstartup/virusz and sys:wbstartup/virus_checker,

    will be deleted.

    The following text will be printed to screen:


    Hi there! It's probably been awhile since you've seen on of these
    -a virus! Don't worry about trying to avoid the damage, it's aleady
    been done. Why didn't your virus checker catch this? Because you're
    a LAMER! You like it! This should be fun watching the latest mags
    and seeing how long it takes for them to document this!  Hey, how
    about you send in a copy of this virus? Why not? Cauz you don't
    where it came from...LAMER! Have a nice day!

    Lets dub this one, the Labtec virus, ok?

    Press ANY Key To Go Back To DOS


    A text saying, that the OpenScreenpatch is installed and another
    text saying "NoCare2.7 by..." will be printed everytime, but
    the real NoCare programm seems to be not build in the virus.

    Test by Markus Schmall              Detection tested 08.06.1994.


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