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     Starcom 5 Virus

     - STARCOM 5 Virus   BB  boot-aids Virus Clone  see above
         Readable in the BB amd memory uncoded:

           74726163 6b646973 6b2e6465 76696365 trackdisk.device
           00005468 65205354 4152434f 4d204176 ..The STARCOM Av
           656e6765 7220312e 30302021 00010000 enger 1.00 !....

         Propagation: BB
         Damage: Writes STC!aw to a block and renders the file
                 unusable. NO rescue possible.
         Particularities: In Boot-aids there is a routine:
                     cmpi.b #8,3(a0)
                     bne.s $FEEF6
         This causes that only one datablock will be destroyed.
         This routine has been disabled by Starcom 5 as the bne.s
         has been replaced by a NOP.

     Translated to English by Dennis Boon  2001 VHT-Denmark
     Org. Test by Heiner Schneegold.

     Ascii of Starcom 5 virus:


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