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 Lisa Fuck Up v3.0

 Hi All....

 There is a new trojan out. It is said to be a killer for "Ebola 97'" virus,
 but this is just a fake.  The trojan will replase every file in SYS: with a
 file 10 bytes long,  where you can read "LiSA FUCKUP v3.0".  In the archive
 there is  a text,  with a description of  how to get this trojan to
 work, but you better not do it.

 This trojan  have been  send to all the major anti-virus programmers in the
 world, and will be included in the next update. So until, then take care...

 Here is some info about the trojan archive:

 ------------------------------- INFO START --------------------------------

 Archive name.....: SEBOLA97.LHA (or lzx)
 Archive size.....: 5856 bytes (ripped for BBS adds)
 Infected File....: ScanEbola97
 Infected Size....: 7004 bytes (Unpacked).
 File id.Diz......: ScanEbola97: Scans your hard-drive for the

 ------------------------------- INFO END ----------------------------------

 Thanx to Heiner Schneegold, for the fast test of this trojan.

 __  ///       Jan Andersen
 \\\///       --------------


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