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    Digital Dream Trojan

    Name            : Digital Dream Trojan

    Aliases         : Jeff Viruskiller V2.67 Trojan

    Type/Size       : Virus Installer/ 9960 bytes

    Incidence       : 03-12-93

    Discovered      : 17-10-93

    Way to infect   : See below

    Rating          : Not very dangerous

    Kickstarts      : 2.04 too!

    Damage          : Install a bootblock virus

    Manifestiation  : See below

    Removal         : Delete this virus installer program

    General comments: 

        This  virus is original spreaden as a powerpacked file 6496 bytes.
        Unpacked  9960 bytes.   DigitalDreams pretend to be a virus killer
        for  the  Jeff  viruses,  but  false don't trust it, it installs a

     1. When  the Digital Dream is executed you will get a big red crosson
        a black background, and below at the screen you can read:

                This  is  the:  Jeff-Viruskiller  V2.67  press  left
                mouse-button to continue.

    2.  Then  you  get a blue/black  text on a grey background in the next
        screen and the following text:

                Jeff-Viruskiller V.2.67

                Please  inset  a disk  in  drive  0.  Then press left
                mouse-button to kill Jeff on it".

    3. If  you  don't  have an unprotected in this drive you will be asked
       to remove the write-protection!

       Click  on this  gadget  to see a @{" Demo " SYSTEM V-IFF:DigitalDream2} of the text you get on your
       screen. Push left mouse button to return

       But  if the disk isn't write-protected the disk is already infected
       with  the  virus  long time before you have pressed the left mouse-

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