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    Menems Revenge 1 & 2 Virus
    Menems Revenge Virus 1+2:

    Typ 1:
    -an infected file becomes 3076 bytes longer
    -two hunks will be added
     $3e9 hunk ($2b6)
     $3ea hunk ($23)

    Typ 2:
    -an infected file becomes 3124 bytes longer
    -two hunks will be added
     $3e9 hunk ($2c2)
     $3ea hunk ($23)

     Only some bytes were changed from the first version to the
     next version. The first version appeared (I think) 1992 and
     the new version appeared 1994.

     The virus contains a checkroutine for files, which are longer
     than 60000 bytes. LoadSeg will be patched. No resetvectors
     will be touched. A new process with the name of a normal
     BLANK will be started.

     On some testconfigurations the files could not be repaired,
     because they contained pure garbage. Sorry.

     Sometimes a DisplayAlert routine shows you a text saying
     "Argentinia still lives..:". This text is crypted in the
     file with a asr command. No real destruction routine
     (except for the linking itself) was found in the virus.

     Test by Markus Schmall         Detection tested 19.03.1994.


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