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     Sonja Virus

     Name         : Sonja

     Aliases      : -

     Clone        : -

     Type/size    : Boot/1024

     Symptoms     : Formats disk.

     Discovered   : ?

     Way to infect: Boot infection 

     Rating       : Dangerous

     Kickstarts   : 1.2/1.3/2.0

     Damage       : Overwrites boot and formats disk.

     Manifestation: -

     Removal      : Install boot

     Comments     : The is resident by using the KICK-Vectors.
                    It uses the BeginIo()-Vector from the 
                    trackdisk.device to infect other disks. When the
                    virus is active it shows an original 1.3 Boot.
                    (Like the LAMER EXTERMINATOR viruses)
                    The virus formats your disk. The KICK-Identifiaction-
                    String is: "It`s Sonja VIRUS!!!". The virus
                    codes itself on every infection by using the
                    $DFF007 register. In memory you can read:
                    "It`s Sonja VIRUS!!! (c) by MC"
                    Very similar to the LAMER-Viruses.

     Ascii of Sonja Bootblock virus (Decoded):

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