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     STD Craps 1
     - STD-Crabs1-LVirus link virus
           File extension: # 772-832 bytes
           Not reset-proof
           From KS2.04
           Bent vectors: LoadSeg
       Destruction: Depending on $ DFF009, a NOP in
           wrote the file. Since the original value and position are NOT
           to be saved, expansion does NOT make sense. Some different
           infected files are running. The majority create a guru. VT
           only offers delete.
           after you before
           0f8: 70012b40 fe44602c p. + @. D`, 0f8: 70012b40 fe444e71 p. + @. DNq
                        ^^^^ ^^^^
           delete before after
            080: 2c4a4eae fce22f40, JN ... / @ 080: 4e714eae fce22f40 NqN ... / @
                ^^^^ ^^^^
       Decoded can be read in the link section:
                               536e 6f6f7044 SnoopD
           6f732053 7570706f 72742050 726f6365 os Support Proce
           73730053 54442070 72657365 6e747320 ss.STD presents
           2d2d2d20 43726162 73202331 202d2049 --- Crabs # 1 - I
           74636879 20596574 3f00 tchy Yet ?.
       Memory anchoring:
           - FindTask bent - end
           - Examine bent - end
           - SnoopDos in memory - CCR is changed
           - Loadseg is bent
       Link operation:
           - Behind the 1st hunk with LoadSeg
           - length variable depending on one cell,
             that always changes its value (addition)
           - Always new coding with EOR and this cell
             value change
           - Findtask not changed
           - Examine not changed
           - Filename does not contain "." or "-"
           - Medium validated
           - 3 blocks free
           - File larger than 1024 bytes
           - File smaller NO limit
           - Search for RTS only in the last long word of the 1st hunk and
             Replace with NOP
           - Depending on $ DFF009 a NOP in the 1st hunk
           - Write back FileDate
       Recommendation: If you find linked files and original files
             have to play back.
             VTprefs / filetest requester according to df0: test
             Click all requesters.
             You will then have a list of all the files you have
             have to play again.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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