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 STD Vaginitis 1 Dropper

 Hi All....

 A new virus trojan has been found.  It is said to be a new update of the
 wellknown program  'CygnusEd v4.17". But if you start CED it will change
 the  size of your 'c:mount' command and  add 800 bytes, and make the new
 size 7388 bytes.

 Here is some info about the trojan/virus:

 ------------------------------- INFO START -----------------------------

 Archive name.....: HF-CD417.LHA
 Archive size.....: 306.382 bytes
 Trojan name......: STD Vaginitis 1 installer
 Trojan File......: CygnusED/CED
 Trojan Size......: 169.872 bytes
 Virus infect.....: c/mount (new size 7388 bytes)
 Virus size.......: 800 bytes

 ------------------------------- INFO END -------------------------------

 We hope to have a killer ready for this very soon.

 Thanks to iknow@, for sending archives and infected files.

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