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     Wawe Trojan
     - WAWE trojan
              Overrides user.data
              No bent vectors
              Was attached to MACK using the HunkLab method (see above).
          The file reads:
                00000003 57415745 22390000 00984eae .... WAWE "9 .... N.
                ffdc224e 2c790000 00044eae fe62203c .. "N, y .... N..b <
                00000000 4e754e75 00000000 75736572 .... NuNu .... user
                2e646174 6100646f 732e6c69 62726172 .data.dos.librar

                The word "WAWE" arises accidentally from two commands.

              It searches for user.data and then this file with
              Storage garbage (location depending on $ DFF006) overwritten.
              The file cannot be recognized and cannot be saved become.
          VT offers expansion and there should be an executable MACK
          File remain.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated fram german to english by Google translate


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