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 Xtruder v3.5 Trojan
 Hi All....

 There is a new trojan out. The trojan in inside Xtruder v3.5.  If you use a
 fakekey or the keyfile "Alex Holst #5",  Xtruder v3.5 will delete your SYS:
 partition. Virus Help Team Denmark can not support this kind of programming
 by an antivirus programmer, and will not support Xtruder with new viruses.

 Here is a copy of a letter that Martin Wulffeld mailed in Virus_Amy:

 ------------------------------- START LETTER ------------------------------

 *** Area : VIRUS_AMY                               Date: 30 Jun 97 20:40:01
 *** From : Martin Wulffeld (39:141/124.53)
 *** To   : All
 *** About: Xtruder 3.5


 As some of you may know Xtruder 3.5 has done a bit of damage to peoples files.
 However, it has only affected those people who used a fake keyfile and
 hopefully also the criminal Bxxxx Pxxxxxxx (2:xxx/xx) who still owes my friend
 Alex Holst somewhere around 7000 Dkr. I hope all you fucknuts learned a
 lesson. From v3.6 and forward I will remove this behaviour.

 Peace out!

  . martin . kozmiq . wulffeld@post4.tele.dk .
  . see ya at roskilde'98 .

 --- Spot 1.3a Unregistered
 * Origin: Roskilde'97 - FANTASTIC! (39:141/124.53)

 -------------------------------- END LETTER -------------------------------

 Here is some info about this trojan & archive:

 Archive name.....: xtruder35.lha or xtrude35,lha
 Archive size.....: 447128 bytes (ripped for BBS adds)
 Trojan name......: Xtruder
 Trojan size......: 183700 bytes Unpacked.
 File-Id.Diz......: Xtruder 3.5 by Martin Wulffeld. This virus
                    killer can detect more than 248 filevira.
                    Has a screen mode- and font sensitive GUI
                    along with a comprehensive ARexx interface
                    and locale support.

 Don't start this program.....

 __  ///       Jan Andersen
 \\\///       --------------


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