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     - ZINE-fastdir.BBS File
             VT ONLY offers deletions.
             Length packed: 9800 bytes
             Unpacked length: 16696 bytes
             NO bent vectors
             NO propagation
             The original function of .fastdir is not fulfilled.
             Location: CD-LSD2: A / LEISURE / DISKMAGS / ZINE10.DMS
        Unpacked you can read at the beginning of the file:
            000003e9 00000b1b 4efa110a 42425300 ........ N ... BBS.
            44483000 44483100 4844303a 00484431 DH0.DH1.HD0: .HD1
            3a004448 30004448 31004844 30004844: .DH0.DH1.HD0.HD
            31004242 533a0044 48303a42 42532f00 1.BBS: .DH0: BBS /.
            4448313a 4242532f 00484430 3a424253 DH1: BBS / .HD0: BBS
            2f004844 313a4242 532f0044 48303a00 /.HD1:BBS/.DH0 :.
            4448313a 00484430 3a004844 313a0000 DH1: .HD0: .HD1: ..
        So it should be an attempt, manipulation
        in a mailbox. Whether the chain from the wrong disc
        Validator via root: .fastdir to c / .fastdir works completely,
        I didn't understand because I don't drive BBS.

     Original test by Heiner Schneegold
     Translated from german to english by Google translate


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