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VMK ☣ CheckXWatchDogSafe

(Virus Memory Kill)
By Chris Hames

This utility is different to the previous version in that it no longer directly detects any virus. Instead it is now the most powerful tool for detecting new viruses. It checks a heap of things that viruses use and tells you when they have changed.

Firstly it checks CoolCapture, ColdCapture, WarmCapture, KickTagPtr and the KeyboardReset to find anything that is trying to survive reset. If any of these are abnormal it will alert you including a display of the area of memory that they are pointing to. You can look for words describing was the thing is and then decide whether to do nothing or do a cold reset (note this is much more that just a normal reset), which should clear memory of the virus.

Secondly it checks the jump tables of all resident libraries, devices and resources and warns you if any are not pointing to ROM. It will give you a message describing what isn't pointing to rom and where it is actually pointing. Most systems will get at least a few of these warnings. Setpatch causes a few and ther legit programs do as well.

This program is very technical, I agree but a general user can just have it in their startup-sequence and notice the messages it gives. If they change and you haven't changed your system get the latest best Virus Killer (One that checks your disks and files) and run it to check out your system.

Comment from Jan VHT-Denmark :
I use VMK as the first command in my Startup-Sequence on my Kickstart 1.3+, 2.0+ & 3.1+ systems, It has never failed me, I can only recommend you to do the same. Also Virus Help Team also use VMK on our Boot able floppy disks, as the first command on the startup sequence on these disks, so when you boot from the disk, you can be sure that the memory is clean.

Chris Hames
6 Pamela Crt
Blackburn South
VIC 3130

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