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Amiga Virus Test 1998
From Virus Test Center Hamburg
Made by Soenke Freitag

1998 Amiga Antivirustest

Virus Test Center
Universität Hamburg
Vogt-Kölln-Str. 30
22527 Hamburg

  1. Introduction
  2. Copyright, License, and Disclaimer.
  3. Detail results
  4. Detection rates
    1. Totals, absolute.
    2. Totals, percentages.
    3. Ranking.

I. Introduction.

Welcome to the 1998 VTC-Amiga Anti-Virus test report.
(Released a bit late due to several circumstances mentioned in the "Comments" - section.)

Programmes in this test:
Short name Programme name Version Author Release Date
VTVirus Test3.08Heiner Schneegold21.03.1998
VWVirus Workshop6.9Markus Schmall24.03.1998
VZVirus Z II1.43, library 33.6Georg Hoermann01.03.1998
XTXtruder3.7Martin Wulffeld28.08.1997

Why not testing more Amiga-Antivirus products ?
The selection of this products is a subjective view of the actual market. The selection of tested products represents common virus-scanners.

Official release date of this test:
The official release date of this test is the 21.4.1998.

Tested facilities of the products:
This test mainly shows the detection rate of the products. User-interface, styleguide etc.. are no essential topics of this test.

II. Copyright, License, and Disclaimer.

This publication is (C) Copyright 1998 by S. Freitag and the Virus Test Center at the University of Hamburg. Permission is granted to everybody to distribute copies of this information in electronic form, provided that this is done for free, the contents of the information are not changed in any way, and the source of the information is clearly mentioned. Those who want to re-publish the information as a whole or in parts in printed form, MUST contact S. Freitag or the VTC-Hamburg and obtain permission first. Any other use, esp. including distribution of this file on CD-ROMS or any othe publication as a whole or in parts, is ONLY permitted after written permission from VTC. It is permitted to include this report on the Aminet CD-Series. No responsibility is assumed by the publisher for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or idea contained in the material herein.

III. Detail results


            8 Multipartite (Bootblock+Link) Files (code a in the table)
          264 Bootblockvirii                      (code b)
          102 Filevirii                           (code f)
           74 Linkvirii                           (code l)
          209 Trojans                             (code t)
           22 Systemvirii                         (code s)
            1 Multipartite (Bootblock+File)       (code z)
Overall:  680  Malicious Programs (about 1 to 50 samples each in 
               over 5000 files).

                                     VT VW VZ XT  Virustype
                                      \  | |  /  /
16_BitCrew.Graffiti                    X o X X  b
16_BitCrew.Original                    X o X X  b
16_BitCrew.Paratax3                    X o X O  b
16_BitCrew.Plastique                   X X X O  b
16_BitCrew.Zaccess1_0                  X o X O  b
AAA-Enhancer                           X X X .  t
ABC                                    X X X X  b
Achtung_Trojan                         X X X X  t
AcidInfector                           X X X .  f
Addy.Dropper                           X X X X  t
Addy.Trojan                            X X X X  f
ADO.1                                  X X X X  t
ADO.2                                  X X X .  t
ADO.3                                  X X X .  t
AFFEx2                                 X X X X  l
AGA-Install                            X X X X  t
AHC                                    X X . X  b
Ahkeym                                 X X . .  t
AISF                                   X X X X  t
Akimo                                  X X X .  l
Alien                                  X X X X  t
AlienNewBeat.Original                  X X X X  b
AlienNewBeat.Satan                     X X X X  b
AmiBlank                               X X X X  t
AmigaFanatic                           X X X X  b
Amigaknight                            X X X X  f
AmigaMaster                            X o X o  b
Angel                                  X X X X  b
AramDol                                X X X X  l
ASS1_0                                 X X X X  b
ASV.Original                           X X X X  b
Australian_parasite.Clone-S            X O X O  b
Australian_parasite.Original           X X X X  b
BBS.$4EB9-Link.Diskrepair              X X X X  t
BBS.$4EB9-Link.DMS2_06                 X X X X  t
BBS.$4EB9-Link.First                   X X X X  l
BBS.$4EB9-Link.LHAV3                   X X X .  t
BBS.$4EB9-Link.WhiteBox_V8_0           X X X .  t
BBS.AeReg                              X X X .  t
BBS.AmiPatch_1_0a                      X X X .  f
BBS.AX_F__ker                          X X X X  f
BBS.AX_Hacker                          X X X -  t
BBS.Blieb6                             X X . .  t
BBS.CCHack                             X X X X  t
BBS.CLP_Based.CLP_WOW                  X X . -  t
BBS.CLP_Based.MST-VEC                  X X X .  t
BBS.CLP_Based.PHA_trojan               X X X X  t
BBS.CLP_Based.UA_Dailer_6_2            X X X .  t
BBS.ConfTop                            X . . .  t
BBS.Descriptor                         X X X X  t
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.DLog               X X o X  t
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.MsgTop             X X o O  t
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.ULog               O O o O  t
BBS.Devil.11-b-door.VScan              X X X .  t
BBS.Devil.V8-b-door                    X X X X  t
BBS.Doom_CLX.Assign                    X X X X  t
BBS.Doom_CLX.Copy                      X O X .  t
BBS.Doom_CLX.Dropper                   X O X .  t
BBS.Doom_CLX.Intro                     X O . .  t
BBS.Doom_CLX.Lib                       X O X .  t
BBS.DOpus-Virus                        X X X X  t
BBS.DSC101                             X X X X  t
BBS.Easy_E                             X X X .  t
BBS.Euromail                           . X X X  t
BBS.Express_2_20.Aibon.2               X X X .  f
BBS.Express_2_20.Aibon.3               X O X .  f
BBS.Express_2_20.DWEdit_Aibon          X O X .  t
BBS.Express_2_20.Original              X X X .  f
BBS.FakeMiami                          X / . .  t
BBS.Istrip                             X X X X  t
BBS.Lhacheck                           X X X .  t
BBS.Look                               X X X .  t
BBS.MasterBBS_troj                     X X X .  t
BBS.Merry                              X X o X  t
BBS.MONGO.09                           X X X X  t
BBS.MONGO.51                           X X X X  t
BBS.M_Chat.ATX_Chat                    O O O .  t
BBS.M_Chat.MST-DoorBells               X X X .  t
BBS.M_Chat.Original                    X X X .  t
BBS.No_Guru                            X X X X  f
BBS.PB-Party                           X X X .  t
BBS.Port67_mkey                        X X X .  t
BBS.Powertrader                        X . X -  t
BBS.PP-Bomb.Died                       X X X X  t
BBS.PP-Bomb.MegaMon                    X O . .  t
BBS.PP-Bomb.ModuleMast17               X X X X  t
BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx_pow                    X O X X  t
BBS.Pstats                             X X X .  t
BBS.SCAN_X                             X X X X  t
BBS.ShowSysops                         X X X X  f
BBS.Snoopdos1_6_troj                   X X X X  t
BBS.Stockmarket_troj                   X X X .  t
BBS.TopUtil                            X X X .  t
BBS.Traveller                          X X X o  t
BBS.Trojan3_10536                      X X X X  t
BBS.UA_Dialer_2_8g                     X X X o  f
BBS.Zappa_B_door                       X X X X  t
BEOL.1                                 X X X .  l
BEOL.2                                 X X X .  l
BEOL.3                                 X X X .  l
BEOL.96                                X X X .  l
BEOL.4.Dropper                         X / X .  t
BEOL.5                                 X X X .  t
BGS9.1                                 X X X X  f
BGS9.2                                 X O O O  f
BGS9.3                                 X O O O  f
BGS9.ATARI                             X O X X  f
BGS9.Nast                              X O X X  f
BGS9.Novi                              X o X .  f
BGS9.PoPa                              . O O O  f
BGS9.Rob_Northern                      X O X O  f
BGS9.Terrorists                        X X X X  f
BigBen                                 X X X X  b
BlackFlash_2_0.BadBytes3               X O X X  b
BlackFlash_2_0.Original                X X X -  b
BLF                                    X X X X  b
BlowJob                                X X X X  b
Bluebox                                X X X X  f
Bokor.105                              X X X .  l
Bokor.110                              X O X .  l
BootXKiller                            X X X X  b
BootX_boot                             X X X X  b
BootX_trojan                           X X . .  t
Bret_Hawnes.Beethoven                  X X X X  f
Bret_Hawnes.Original                   X X X X  f
Bulletin                               X X . .  t
BURN.1                                 X X X .  l
BURN.2                                 X O X .  l
Butonic.1_31.4_55.Snoopdos1_9_dropper  X X X O  t
Butonic.1_31.4_55.Virus                O O O O  f
Butonic.1_31.Original                  X X X X  f
Butonic.3_00                           X O X X  f
Butonic.3_10.Dropper                   X X X X  t
Butonic.3_10.Virus                     X O X X  f
Buzz_Trojan                            X X . .  t
ByteBandit.1                           X X X X  b
ByteBandit.2                           X X X X  b
ByteBandit.3                           X X X o  b
ByteBandit.4                           X X X X  b
ByteBandit.Error                       X o o o  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Amida                X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.AmigaFreak           X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Digital_Age          X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Electrovi            X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Frity                X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Germany              X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Mad                  X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Morbid_Angel         X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Original             X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Powerbomb            X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Riska                X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Starcom6             X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Forpib.Zaccess2_0           X o X X  b
ByteBandit.Hauke                       X o X X  b
ByteBandit.IngerIQ                     X o X X  b
ByteBandit.NoBanditAnymore             X o X X  b
ByteBandit.NoHead                      O o X X  b
ByteBandit.Plus                        X o O o  b
ByteBandit.VIPHS                       X o X X  b
Byteparasite.1                         X X X X  f
Byteparasite.2                         X X X X  f
Byteparasite.3.Original                X X X X  f
ByteVoyager.1                          X X X X  b
ByteVoyager.2                          X X X X  b
ByteVoyager.Starcom3                   O O O X  b
ByteWarrior.2                          O O O O  b
ByteWarrior.Mad3                       X X X X  b
ByteWarrior.Mad3b                      O O X O  b
ByteWarrior.Original                   X X X X  b
ByteWarrior.Paramount                  X o X X  b
Cascade.Dropper                        X X X .  t
Cascade.Virus                          X X X o  b
CCCP.Data_Crime                        X X X O  a
CCCP.Irak3                             X o X X  a
CCCP.Original                          X X X X  a
CCCP.Starcom1                          X o X .  a
CED_Amos                               X . X .  t
Challenger_trojan                      X X X X  f
Chaos_Master                           X X X X  f
ChristmasViolator                      X X . .  l
ClaasAbraham                           X X X X  b 
Clonk.Original                         X . X X  b
Cobra                                  X X X X  b
Coder.BadBytes5                        X O X O  b
Coder.JT_Protec                        X X X O  b
Coder.Original                         X X X X  b
Coder.TomatesGentechnic2               X O X O  b
Coder.TwinzSantaClaus                  X O X O  b
Color                                  X X X X  f
Commander.Dropper                      X X X X  t
Commander.Virus                        X X X -  l
Compuphagozyte.1_1452                  X X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.2_1148                  X X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.3.568                   X X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.3.592                   O X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.4.916                   X X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.4.952                   O X . O  f
Compuphagozyte.5.892                   X o X X  f
Compuphagozyte.5.900                   O X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.5.936a                  O X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.5.936b                  O X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.6.1008                  X X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.6.1012                  O O O O  f
Compuphagozyte.6.1048                  O X X X  f
Compuphagozyte.7                       X X . X  l
Compuphagozyte.8                       X o X X  f
Compuphagozyte.Nano.Original           X X X X  f
ConClip.A                              X X . .  f
ConClip.B                              X O . .  f
Conman.a_1995                          X X X X  l
Conman.Artm_23                         X X X X  t
Conman.b_Bloody                        X X O O  f
Conman.Dir.Dropper                     X X X X  t
Conman.Dir.Virus                       X X X X  f
Conman.Hyper                           X X X .  t
Conman.Iprefs.Installer                X X X .  t
Conman.Iprefs.Virus                    X X X .  t
Conman.KeyMaker.CONMan_format          X O . .  t
Conman.KeyMaker.CONMan_hd_faker        X X X O  t
Conman.LoadWB_Dropper                  X X X .  t
Conman.LoadWB_Trojan                   X X X .  t
COP.BIO.A_IconD                        X O X X  t
COP.BIO.B_Embryo                       X O X O  t
COP.BIO.B_Mortal                       X O X O  t
COP.BIO.B_Sgolf                        X O X O  t
COP.BIO.B_Swos                         X O X O  t
COP.BIO.B_Vcop                         X O X O  t
COP.BIO.C_TrsMem                       X O X X  t
COP.BIO.D_Fkiller                      X O X X  t
COP.BIO.E_LZX120                       X O X X  t
COP.BIO.F_Daydream                     X O X X  t
COP.BIO.F_Fdisk20                      X O X O  t
COP.BIO.F_Server                       X O X O  t
COP.BIO.F_VZ121                        X O X O  t
COP.BIO.G_Intro                        X O X o  t
COP.BIO.G_VC659                        X O X O  t
COP.BIO.H_Orb95                        X O X X  t
COP.COP.A_NComm32                      X X X X  t
COP.COP.B_CED4                         X X X X  t
COP.COP.B_LHA30                        X X X X  t
COP.COP.C_Dopus5                       X X X X  t
COP.COP.D_Sinfo                        X X X .  t
COP.COP.E_FT                           X X X X  t
COP.COP.E_VW50                         X X X X  t
COP.COP.F_ACP5                         X X X X  t
COP.COP.G_Copkiller                    X X X X  t
COP.COP.H_LZX130                       X X X X  t
COP.COP.I_LZX125                       X O X X  t
COP.COP.I_Protracker                   X O X X  t
COP.COP.J_ACP420                       X O X X  t
COP.COP.K_Dmv05                        X X X X  t
COP.COP.K_Tetris                       X / X X  t
COP.COP.L_Andromeda                    X O X X  t
COP.COP.L_Parallax                     X O X O  t
COP.COP.L_Spaceballs                   X O X O  t
COP.COP.L_TP5_TRS                      X O X X  t
COP.COP.L_TSL                          X O X O  t
COP.COP.M_PhaXmas                      X O X X  t
COP.COP.N_QBT3                         X O X X  t
COP.Scansystem                         X X X X  t
Copy_LX103.Bomb                        X X X .  f
Creator                                X X X X  t
Crime.!++_872.Driveinfo_dropper        X X X X  t
Crime.!++_872.Virus                    X X X X  l
Crime.!_1000                           X X X O  l
Crime.92                               X X X -  l
CrypticEssence                         X X X .  l
D-Structure.A                          X X X X  f
D-Structure.B                          X X X X  f
D-Structure.C                          X X X X  f
Damage_Trojan.Trojan                   X X X .  t
Damage_Trojan.Format                   X . X .  t
Darth_Vader_1_1                        X X X X  f
Datalock.1_1                           X X X .  b
Datalock.1_2                           X O X .  b
Datalock.Dropper                       X X X .  t
Dat_89.Original                        X X X X  b
Debugger                               X X X X  l
Decompiler                             X X X X  t
Degrad                                 X X X X  t
Destructor                             X X X X  b
Detlef                                 X X X X  b
Digital-Dream.Dropper                  X X X X  t
Digital_Emotions                       X X X X  b
Disaster-Master2.Dropper               X X X X  t
Disaster-Master2.Virus                 X X X X  f
Disgust                                X o X o  b
DiskDoctors.1_01                       X O X X  b
DiskDoctors.1_02                       O O O O  b
DiskDoctors.GrimReaper                 X o X O  b
DiskDoctors.Haukeexterminator          X X X O  b
DiskDoctors.Paratax2                   X X X O  b
DiskGuard                              X X X X  b
DiskHerpes.Executors                   X X X o  b
DiskHerpes.Original                    X X X X  b
Disktroyer.1                           X X X X  f
Disktroyer.2                           X O X X  f
Disk_Info_bomb                         X X . .  f
Divina_Exterminator                    X X X X  b
DMS213_Bomb                            X X X X  t
Dotty.Original                         X X X X  b
Doubledensity                          X . . .  b
Dph_Vos_Trojan                         X X X X  t
DumDum.2                               X X . X  b
DV_RootFormatter                       X X X X  s
Ebola.1                                X X X X  l
Ebola.2                                X X X .  l
Ebola.Dropper                          X X X .  t
Eleni.1_6                              X X X .  a
Eleni.2_2.Dropper                      X X X X  f
Eleni.2_2.Virus                        X X X -  b
Eleni.MessAngel                        X X X X  a
Excrement.Dropper                      X X X X  f
Excrement.Sentinel                     X X X X  b
Excreminator_1                         X X X X  t
ExHacker_Trojan                        X X X X  t
Extreme.Fat2                           X o X O  b
Extreme.Original                       X o X X  b
Extreme.Primavera                      X o X O  b
Extreme.TFC.1_03                       X o X X  b
Extreme.TFC.2_14                       X o O O  b
Extreme.TFC.Evergreen                  X o X .  b
Extreme.TFC.Loadwb_dropper             X X X X  f
Extreme.TFC.Revenge                    X o o X  f
Extreme.Zaccess3_0                     X o X O  b
Fast.Clone_1                           O O O X  b
Fast.Original                          X X X X  b
FICA.Original                          X X X X  b
Fileghost.1.Dropper                    X X . .  t
Fileghost.1.Virus                      X X X -  l
Fileghost.2.Dropper                    X X . .  t
Fileghost.2.Virus                      X X X -  f
Fileghost.3                            X X X .  l
Freedom_bomb                           X X X X  f
Frenchkiss                             X X X X  b
Future_Disaster                        X X X X  b
Fxxx_device_Virus                      X X X X  b
G-Zus-Packer                           X X X X  f
Gaddafi.CrackerExterminator            X X X X  b
Gaddafi.Khomeni                        X o X o  b
Gaddafi.Mad_II.Original                X X X X  b
Gaddafi.Original                       X o X o  b
Genestealer                            X X X X  b
Glasnost.Fast_eddie.Infector           X O X O  b
Glasnost.Fast_eddie.Original           X X X X  b
Glasnost.Flashback                     X O O O  b
Glasnost.Original                      X X X X  b
Glasnost.Tai13                         X O O O  b
GlobVec                                X / . -  l
GodAnsi                                X X X X  t
Golden_Rider                           X X X X  l
Gotcha.1                               X X X .  t
Gotcha.2                               X X X .  t
Gremlin                                X X X X  b
GV_HS15_trojan                         X X X .  t
GX-Team                                X o X X  b
Gyros.Original                         X X X X  b
Hanf                                   X X X .  l
HappyNewYear96.DeTag                   X / X .  t
HappyNewYear96.DM2_19                  X X X .  t
HappyNewYear96.Opt                     X / X .  t
HappyNewYear96.Opt_Inst                X / X .  t
HappyNewYear96.Virus                   X X X -  l
HappyNewYear98                         X X X .  l
HCS.1                                  X X X X  b
HCS.2                                  X X X X  b
HD_Speedup_Troj                        X X X X  t
Hitchhiker.101                         X X X .  l
Hitchhiker.201.Installer               X X X .  t
Hitchhiker.201.Virus                   X X X .  l
Hitchhiker.300.Dropper                 X X X .  t
Hitchhiker.300.Virus                   X X X .  l
Hitchhiker.411                         X X X .  l
Hitchhiker.423                         X X X .  l
Hochofen                               X X X X  l
Hoden_33_17.COHEN                      X X X X  b
Hoden_33_17.Original                   X X X X  b
Illegal_Access                         X / X .  l
Incognito                              X X X X  b 
Infiltrator.DarkAvenger.A              X X X -  l
Infiltrator.DarkAvenger.B              X X X -  l
Infiltrator.Original                   X X X X  l
Intl_Gag                               X X X X  t
Invader                                X X X .  l
IRQ.1                                  X X X X  l
IRQ.2                                  X O O O  l
IRQ.Metamorphosis                      X X X X  a
JINX                                   X X X -  b
Jitr.Original                          X X X X  b
Joker.A_InstSG                         X X X X  t
Joker.B_Condom                         X O X X  t
Joshua.1                               X X X X  b
Joshua.2.1                             O O X O  b
Joshua.2.2                             O O O O  b
Joshua.3                               X X . .  b
Kauki                                  X X X X  b
Killed                                 X X X X  b
Labtec                                 X X X .  t
Lads.Original                          X o X X  b
Lads.Zest                              X o X X  b
LameBlame.Chaos                        X X X X  b
LameBlame.Cheater_dropper              X X X X  t
LameBlame.Cheater_Hijacker             X O O X  b
LameBlame.Original                     X X X X  b
LameBlame.Polish                       X O X .  b
Lamer.1_0                              X X X X  b
Lamer.2_0                              X X X X  b
Lamer.3_0                              X X X X  b
Lamer.4_0.Original                     X O X X  b
Lamer.4_0.Starcom2                     X O O O  b
Lamer.5_0                              X O X X  b
Lamer.6_0.Original                     X X X -  b
Lamer.6_0.Starcom4                     X O O O  b
Lamer.7_0                              X X X X  b
Lamer.8_0                              X O X X  b
Lamer.Boot_Aids.Original               X O X o  b
Lamer.Boot_Aids.Starcom5               X o X o  b
Lamer.Clist                            X X X X  b
Lamer.dropper                          X X X X  t
Lamer.Hilly                            X X X X  b
Lamer.Ingos_return                     X X X X  b
Lamer.Mad4                             X o o o  b
Lamer.Metamorphosis                    X X X X  a
Lamer.VirusX_L8-dropper                X X O O  f
Lamer.Warshaw_Avenger                  X o X X  b
LamerLink.Exe                          X X X X  f
LamerLink.gotcha_lamer                 X X X X  f
LamerLink.Loadwb                       X X O O  f
LamerLink.ReturnOfLamer                X o X X  f
LamerLink.Revenge                      X X X X  f
LamerLink.Revenge2                     X O O X  f
Laureline                              X X X X  b
Leviathan                              X X X X  z
LHA_FA58B1EF                           X X X .  l
Liberator.1_21                         X X X X  f
Liberator.3_0                          X X X X  f
Liberator.5_01.Lamerfry                X X X X  f
Liberator.5_01.Original                X X X X  f
Lisa                                   X X X .  t
Little_Sven.Virus                      X X X .  b
Little_Sven.XC_Dropper                 X X X .  t
Loop_Combo                             X X X X  f
Loverboy                               X o X o  b
Lurad_Trojan                           X / X .  t
LZ_Link                                X X X X  l
MadRoger.Boot                          X . . .  b
MadRoger.Elbereth.1                    X / X .  l
MadRoger.Elbereth.2                    X / X .  l
MadRoger.Elbereth.3.Installer          X . X .  t
MadRoger.Elbereth.3.Virus              X / X .  l
MadRoger.Elbereth.4                    X / X .  l
MadRoger.Neurotic.1                    X / . .  l
MadRoger.Neurotic.2                    X / . .  l
MadRoger.Neurotic.3                    X / . .  l
MadRoger.Poland                        X / X .  l
MadRoger.Short                         X . . .  l
Max.Creeping_eel                       X X X X  b
Max.Digital-Dream.Dropper              X X X X  t
Max.DiskKiller_bomb.XaCa               X X X X  f
Max.MaxOfStarlight                     X X X .  b
Max.Mutilator                          X X X X  b
Max.Suicide                            X X X X  b
Megalink                               X X X X  l
MegaMaster                             X X X X  b
MenemsRevenge.Original                 O X X X  l
MenemsRevenge.Pif                      X O O O  l
MGs                                    X X X X  b
Modemcheck.666!-Trojan                 X X . .  f
Modemcheck.Original                    X X X X  f
Mosh_bomb.1                            X X X X  b
Mosh_bomb.2                            X O O O  b
Mosh_Virus                             X X . .  b
Mount_bomb.SMBX_Dropper                X X X .  f
MutationNation                         X X X .  l
Nasty_Nasty                            X X X X  b
NewAge92                               X X . .  l
NewLink.Trojan                         X X X .  t
NewLink.Virus                          X X X .  t
Nibbler                                X / . .  l
NorthStar.1                            X X X X  b
NorthStar.2                            X X X O  b
NorthStar.EastStar.Dropper             X X O .  t
NorthStar.EastStar.Virus               X O X .  b
NorthStar.Ripper                       X O X X  b
Obelisk.1                              X o X X  b
Obelisk.2                              X X X X  b
Opapa                                  X X X X  b
Overkill                               X X X X  b
Pamelashow                             X X X .  t
Paradox.1                              X X X X  b
Paradox.2                              X O X X  b
PentagonCircle.2                       X O X X  b
PentagonCircle.3                       X X X X  b
PentagonCircle.Original                X X X X  b
Pestilence                             X X X X  b
Phantom.Dropper                        X X X X  t
Phantom.Virus                          X X X X  l
Polyzygotronifikator                   X X X .  l
Promoter                               X X . .  s
Purge.Dropper                          X O . .  t
Purge.Trojan                           X X . .  t
Qrdl_1_1                               X X X X  l
Random_access_bomb                     X X X X  b
Rastenbork_Inst.Installer              X X X X  t
Rastenbork_Inst.Virus1                 X X X .  b
Rastenbork_Inst.Virus2                 X X X .  b
Red_October_1_7                        X X X X  l
Reorgit                                X X X .  t
Revenge_1_2G.Original                  X o X X  b
Revenge_1_2G.Sendarian                 X o X O  b
Revenge_Bootloader                     X X X X  b
Revenge_Nano.A                         X X X X  f
Revenge_Nano.B                         O O X X  f
Ripper                                 X o X X  b
Sachsen.1                              X X X X  b
Sachsen.3                              X X X X  b
Saddam.2                               X O X O  s
Saddam.3                               X O X O  s
Saddam.4                               X O X -  s
Saddam.4711.Snoopdos_dropper           X X O O  t
Saddam.5                               X O X O  s
Saddam.6                               X O X O  s
Saddam.7                               X O X .  s
Saddam.Affe                            X O O X  s
Saddam.Animal                          X O O X  s
Saddam.diskval1234                     X X O X  s
Saddam.DiVa.Dropper                    X X X X  t
Saddam.File                            X O O O  f
Saddam.Gral                            X O O X  s
Saddam.Hardex                          X O O O  s
Saddam.Iran                            X O O X  s
Saddam.Kick                            X O O O  s
Saddam.Laurin                          X O O X  s
Saddam.Loom                            X O O X  s
Saddam.Nato                            X O O O  s
Saddam.Original                        X X X X  s
Saddam.Parfum                          X O O O  s
Saddam.Risc                            X O O X  s
Saddam.][                              X X O O  s
Saddam_boot                            X X X X  b
SaoPaulo                               X X X X  b
SCA.2001                               X O X O  b
SCA.666                                X O X O  b
SCA.AEK                                X O X O  b
SCA.Aids_HIV                           X O X O  b
SCA.Assassin                           X O X O  b
SCA.BadBytes4                          X O X O  b
SCA.Big_Boss                           X O X O  b
SCA.Blade_Runners                      X O X O  b
SCA.BS1                                X O X O  b
SCA.Butonic_1_1                        X X X .  b
SCA.D&A.Dropper                        X X X X  f
SCA.DAG.Dropper                        X X X X  t
SCA.DAG.Virus                          X O X O  b
SCA.Deniz                              X O X O  b
SCA.DiskTerminator                     X O X O  b
SCA.DTL                                X o X o  b
SCA.Error                              X O O X  b
SCA.Iceman_and_Irq                     X O X X  b
SCA.KarlMarx                           X O X O  b
SCA.Kefrens.1                          X O X O  b
SCA.Kefrens.2                          X O X O  b
SCA.LSD                                X O X O  b
SCA.MEXX                               X O X O  b
SCA.Microsystems.Original              X X X X  b
SCA.Microsystems.Starlight2            X O X O  b
SCA.Original                           X X X X  b
SCA.Paratax.1                          X O X O  b
SCA.Rep                                X O X O  b
SCA.UltraFox                           X X X X  b
ScareCrow.1                            X / X .  t
ScareCrow.2                            X X X .  t
Scarface.1                             X X X X  b
Scarface.2                             O O O O  b
Sepultura.1                            X X X X  f
Sepultura.2_26                         X O X -  f
Shit                                   X X X X  b
SinisterSyndicate                      X X X X  b
Smeg                                   X X X X  l
SmilyCancer.1.a                        X X X X  f
SmilyCancer.1.b                        O O O O  f
SmilyCancer.1.c                        O O O O  f
SmilyCancer.2                          X X X X  f
Sonja                                  X X X X  b
Starlight                              X X X X  t
StrangeAtmosphere.Dropper              X X X .  t
StrangeAtmosphere.Dropper2             X O X .  t
StrangeAtmosphere.Virus                X X X .  l
Sumpf                                  X X X .  t
Suntronic                              X X X X  b
Supply_Team                            X X X X  b
Surprise                               X X X X  t
Susi_Drive_Stepper                     X X X X  t
Swifter_Troj                           X X X .  t
System_Z.3_0                           X X X X  b
System_Z.4_0                           X X X o  b
System_Z.5_0                           X X X X  b
System_Z.5_1                           X O X O  b
System_Z.5_3                           X o X o  b
System_Z.5_4                           X o X o  b
Target.Original                        X X X X  b
TDTJ_Trojan                            X X . .  t
TeleCom                                X X X X  f
Telstar                                X X X o  b
Termigator                             X o X X  b
Timebomb_09.trojan_7840                X X X X  t
Timebomb_Vir.1_0                       X X X X  b
Timebomb_Vir.BadBytes2                 X O X O  b
Timebomb_Vir.Fat1                      X O X O  b
Timebomb_Vir.LameGame                  X O X O  b
Timebomb_Vir.Omsa                      X O X O  b
Timebomb_Vir.TAI4                      X O X O  b
Timebomb_Vir.Tomates_Gentechnik        X O X O  b
Timer-Virus.Dropper                    X X X X  t
Time_Bomber_troj                       X X X X  t
Trainer_Trojan                         X X X X  t
Traveling_Jack.1                       X X X X  l
Traveling_Jack.2                       X O O X  l
Traveling_Jack.AntiChrist              X X X X  l
Traveller_1_0                          X X X X  b
Trilobyte.1                            X X X .  t
Trilobyte.2                            X / X .  t
Trilobyte.3                            X O X .  t
Triplex                                X X X X  b
Trisector911                           X X X X  b
Trustnoone_Trojan                      X / X X  t
Turk.Color_dropper                     X X X X  f
Turk.Influenza                         X X X X  b
Turk.Original                          X X X X  b
Uhr-BB                                 X X X .  b
ULVD8                                  X X X X  b
VCCofTNT                               X X X X  b
Vermin.Original                        X o X X  b
Vermin.Superboy                        X X X X  b
VirConSet.Constructor                  X X X X  f
VirConSet2.Constructor                 X X X X  f
VirConSet2.VirusType1                  X X X .  b
VirConSet2.VirusType2                  X O O .  b
VirusBlaster23_9232                    X X X X  f
VirusHunter                            X X X .  t
VirusKillerVirus                       X X X X  b
Virus_V1                               X X X X  b
Vkill.1.Dropper                        X X O X  f
Vkill.1.Virus                          X X X X  b
Vkill.2                                X X X X  b
Vkill.VirusPredator.Original           X X X X  b
VMK3_0                                 X X X X  t
Waft                                   X X X X  b
Wahnfried                              X X X X  b
Warhawk.BadBytes1                      X O X O  b
Warhawk.DiskFurunkel                   O O X O  b
Warhawk.IndianaJones                   X O X O  b
Warhawk.Lovemachine                    X O X O  b
Warhawk.Original                       X X X X  b
Warhawk.RAF                            X O X O  b
Warhawk.TTS1                           o O o O  b
WireFace.A_MakeKey                     X X X X  t
WireFace.B_ScanLink                    X X X X  t
WireFace.C                             X X X X  t
WireFace.ComKiller                     X o X X  t
WireFace.D_AECrack                     X X X O  t
WireFace.E_DarkRoom                    X X X -  t
WireFace.E_SetBuf                      X o X X  t
WireFace.F_CheckMount                  X X X .  t
WireFace.Rock_n_Roll                   X X X .  t
Wizard_Timebomb                        X X X X  f
xCom.Virus                             X X X X  l
Xeno.1                                 X X X -  l
Xeno.2                                 X / X X  l
Xeno.Bestial                           X X X X  l
Xtruder_35                             X / X .  t
YAM_Msg.2                              X X . .  t
Zenker.Ingo                            X o X X  b
ZIB.Dropper_spatch                     X X X .  t
ZIB.Germ_loadwb                        X X - .  t
ZIB.Virus                              X X X .  l
ZINE                                   X X . .  f
Zinko_trojan                           X X X .  t
Zombi_1.Original                       X X X X  b
ZonderCommando.2                       X X X X  t 


        X   - correct detection by name or alias
        O   - detection by family name only
        o   - correct detection of family name, but
              missed identification of the variant name
        /   - heuristic detection of suspicious structure 
              (unknown virus, hunks, ...)
        -   - unreliable detection
              (not all samples of the virus have been detected)
        !   - the scanner crashed on one sample
        .   - no detection

Malware / Virus-type:

        a   - multipartite (bootblock + link)
        b   - bootblock virus
        f   - file virus (companion or overwriting)
        l   - link virus
        t   - trojan
        s   - system (diskvalidator-virus)
        z   - multipartite (bootblock + file)

IV. Detection rates

Summary (positive results):

Detections by name (X) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST82539073206221653
VIRUS WORKSHOP6140785615151437
VIRUS Z II8239826218481584
Best possible0000000680

Detection by family (O) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST01011120024
VIRUS WORKSHOP06719540170148
VIRUS Z II016133313048
XTRUDER1621331890106 family member(o) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST01000001
VIRUS Z II03104008
XTRUDER0181020021 other condition(/) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST00000000
VIRUS Z II00000000

Overall - Detection: (X,O,o,/)

VIRUS TEST:        653 +  24 +  1 +  0  = 678
VIRUS WORKSHOP:    437 + 148 + 63 + 23  = 671
VIRUS Z II:        584 +  48 +  8 +  0  = 640
XTRUDER:           372 + 106 + 21 +  0  = 499 

Summary (negative results):

Not detected samples (.) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST00101002
VIRUS Z II0669171039

Unreliable detections(-) a b f l t s z sum
VIRUS TEST00000000
VIRUS Z II00001001

1. Total number of detected viruses:

                   Detected    by name   by family   by other
                   viruses               or member   condition
                             !          !          !
VIRUS TEST            678    !   653    !    25    !      0
                             !          !          !
VIRUS WORKSHOP        671    !   437    !   211    !     23
                             !          !          !
VIRUS Z II            640    !   584    !    56    !      0
                             !          !          !
XTRUDER               499    !   372    !   127    !      0
                             !          !          !
                             !          !          !
Best Possible         680    !   680    !     0    !      0 

2. Total percentage of detected viruses:

                   Detected    by name   by family  or member
                   viruses               or other condition
                             !          ! 
VIRUS TEST            99,7 % !   96,0 % !   3,7 %
                             !          ! 
VIRUS WORKSHOP        98,7 % !   64,3 % !  34,4 %
                             !          ! 
VIRUS Z II            94,1 % !   85,9 % !   8,2 %
                             !          ! 
XTRUDER               73,4 % !   54,7 % !  18,7 %
                             !          ! 
                             !          ! 
Best Possible        100,0 % !  100,0 % !   0,0 %
                             !          !          

3. Ranking (detection rate, absolute):

blue = Correct detection by name
light-green = Detection by family, member or other condition

1. Virus Test V 3.08 (99,7 %)
2. Virus Workshop 6.9 (98,7 %)
3. Virus Z II 1.43 (94,1 %)
4. Xtruder 3.7 (73,4 %)

V. Comments


VIRUS TEST Reports found "*Art" - Hunks in files (eg. In UA-Dialer) before the detection as a virus is displayed. This kind of double-display can confuse normal users.

VIRUS TEST has great improvements in the correct name-detection of infected files. One BB-Sample (lamer7) sized 1025 bytes instead of 1024 bytes containing an boot-image was not reported (this was not counted as fail-detection as the images have normally the size of 1024 or n * 512 bytes).

The Name of "Lamer-$00D-BB-Virus" for LamerLink.Exe is misleading as it is no boot-virus.


VIRUS WORKSHOP reports ansi characters instead of the virusname for BBS.PP-Bomb.qtx_pow, HCS 4420.

VIRUS WORKSHOP starts all over when it comes to BEOL.3 Samples and even if repair is not wanted, VIRUS WORKSHOP repairs the file.

VIRUS WORKSHOP detects several dangerous virii (like nibbler or illegal access) only in some samples, the other samples are detected with the heuristic. Removal is impossible this way.

VIRUS WORKSHOP has - like in the last test - a bug when checking bootblocks in files. When scanning the whole testbed VIRUS WORKSHOP for ex. reports no detection on files like TomatesGentechnic,AustralianParasite, etc. After copying those files to an extra directory the check detects those samples. Normal users should have no problem with that, as they usually have BB-virii on the bootblock, and single check is performed anyway. Testing the scanner - nevertheless - is not easy this way.

The heuristic functions of VIRUS WORKSHOP are very helpful for the detection of new virii. None of the other tested products has a heuristic function.


VIRUS Z II reports on the screen that it is performing repair even if it is started without the repair option, regardless that in this case repair doesn't actually occur.


XTRUDER told several times that he is out of memory - on a system with 6 MB with just one backround-programm (for vector-watching during scan) this should not occur.

Testing Bootblock Virii with XTRUDER is very time-consuming because each bootblock has to be loaded seperately into the programm.

One Word about reporting-functions

In order to be automatically testable, a scanner must conform to the set of conditions listed below. The conditions are the essential basis for processing parallel test batches without manual intervention. We also regard those conditions to be fairly reasonable, not too restrictive, as well as being useful for both users and developers because they allow them to test it more easily.

None of the Amiga-Scanners would have been tested in our PC-Test because of the lack of some essential reporting functions. Now we are testing more amiga-virii than ever before, we can not and will not produce the report more or less in handwork. If the reporting functions of the products do not change, this will eventually be the last Amiga-AV Test from VTC.

A good (computer-readable report) should cover the following points:

1.)  The scanner must be able to create a report file on a specified 
     Harddisk partition or directory.

2.)  1 File has ALWAYS n lines in the report (inclusive detection).

3.)  1 File appears only once in the report.

4.)  The full path should be included in the report without abbreviations.
     The path should be included for each file tested.

5.)  Any file found on the harddisk matching to the pattern 
     (weather infected or not) should be in the report (as switch).

6.)  The scanner must be able to run unattended - and not to stop on
     each infected object and request user input. 

7.)  The scanner should be able to scan BB-Images. 
     (length 1024 up to 6 blocks, detection due to the contents 
     of the Header)

8.)  The report should include the results for the BB-Data scan.

9.)  The report should not include Ansi-Control-Codes.

10.) The scanner must be able to run in "scan-only" mode. If its default
     mode is to disinfect automatically all viruses found, there should be
     an option to run it in "scan-only" (i.e., no disinfection) mode.

11.) The scanner must be able to scan a subdirectory trees
     (not just whole drives).

12.) The only limit of the size of the report file that the scanner
     creates must be the amount of free disk space.

13.) The scanner must be able to scan only files with filepatterns defined 
     by the tester (for example "#?.vir").

14.) The scanner must be able to run without problems on a huge
     directory tree - i.e., something like 2.000 directories containing
     10.000 files should not be a problem for it.

15.) All the above must be possible without arexx or other programming.

VIRUS TEST        has quite good reporting functions, 
                  but fails on position 3,5,13
VIRUS WORKSHOP    fails on position 4,5,8,13
VIRUS Z II        has quite good reporting functions, 
                  but fails on position 2,3,4,9
XTRUDER           fails on position 2,5,7,8

Author of this document:

S. Freitag
Virus Test Center
University of Hamburg
Vogt Koelln Str. 30
22527 Hamburg - Germany

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