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Mill v0.85 Release Info
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name: mill short: polish antivirus author: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski ( version: 0.85 (24.11.2003) requires: OS37+, asl38+, locale, xvs, xfd, xad etc. STATUS: Freeware Hi! 1. Please begin from one of 'Readme'. You can choose english, italian, polish, german, spanish, greek, czech and bosnian version of this file. 2. You can choose sample to play when virus is found from another archive called 'mill-media.lha'... 3. Get to see how MILL deals with viruses... 4. Please get from Aminet newest xvs, xad and xfd! regards Zbigniew Trzcionkowski Astrow 7 43 250 Pawlowice Poland mail: http: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Fixes since previous public version: - improved compatibility with AmigaOS 4.0 (thanks to Mariusz Danilewicz) - added Abort to Integrity while comparing (thanks to Michael DMX Bagmaijer) - some very minor fixes -----------------------------------------------------------------

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