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By Zbigniew Trzcionkowski

Copyright by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski

MILL is the base program of the MILL antivirus project.
It's major task is file scanning using the powers of XVS, XFD and XADMASTER as well as built-in routines. The GUI of MILL allows to run or call other components of the package.

Mill is now, through the use of the xvs.library able to detect all the older and some of the new viruses. So please remember to update the xvs.library for recog. of all the new viruses....

What is more important MILL has quarantine feature which allows for automatical virus scanning. Properly configured moves files from input directory to output directory (and holds infected ones). Be warned that when input directory is same as output directory or output directory is not valid/specified quarantine just tests files and deletes the clean ones!

MILL has been written in assembler, uses about 30KB of memory plus memory for each file *2 or even more...

MILL requires OS37+.

MILL can play warning sound when virus is found. (requires datatypes.library).

MILL can check files inside archives like LHA, LZX, ZOO, DMS and so on. This feature requires xadmaster.library by Dirk Stoecker.
Mill main window
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Mill finds the 'Happy New Year 98' link-virus
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in case You want have any of MILL components activated on Your machine at startup I suggest moving included project icons to WBStartup directory of Your system partition(disk). Don't forget to correct their DefaultTool field to point at location of Your MILL directory. Note that any required ToolTypes should be specified directly in tool icons in the MILL directory.

For more info, please contact:

Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Astrow 7
43 250 Pawlowice


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Download Mill here:

Mill v0.85 Date: 30.11.2003 Size: 166.821 bytes Download
Mill v0.85 release info Date: 30.11.2003 Size: Read only Read me

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