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name: Safe short: chaff file/virus memory killer v18.0 author: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski ( version: 18.0 (20.06.2002) requires: Amiga with OS 2.04+, xvs.library STATUS: FreeWare Safe v18.0: - small fixes FAQ: ======================================================================== Q: Renaming safe causes problems in shell. A: Keep once chosen unique name for all installations and take a look at my S:shell-startup Alias PC "mount PC0: " Alias MF "run MuForce on file con:1/1/639/256 dispc " Alias MGA "MuGuardianAngel nostackwarn dispc tomuforce " Alias SAFE "C:anychosenname " Understood? ======================================================================== Q: Is VerifySafe valid or have I to check PGP sigs? A: Surely check PGP sigs! So far VerifySafe works correctly, but I recommend using PGP. ======================================================================== Q: Safe refuses to continue after displaying of any text. I have to hit enter to quit in this case! A: I want it that way. Use 'Safe < nil:' to overcome that problem if this is problem. ========================================================================

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