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By Dirk Stoecker and Zbigniew Trzcionkowski

Zbigniew says:
This is cool package made especially for testing of antivirus software. The main idea is to torture antivirus and libraries/programs it uses for virus detection, file decompression and archive extraction... I have to say that dumb people should better keep away of that package. And please not mail me about viruses in this package. Oki? It is signed with Dirk's PGP pubkey.

Dirk says:
Like the EICAR test-files for Microsoft operating systems, these files can help to test the Amiga antivirus software. They will not infect your system, but can be very useful to test the software you use for virus- checking. If your software cannot detect the included files as infected, then either contact the author to fix the software or change to another product (Though getting newest version first is sometimes recommended = :-)

Following is my PGP signature for the corresponding LhA-File. Use ' pgpv TestVirus.readme -o TestVirus.lha ' to check it. Key fingerprint: B9 F2 3A 1A 29 02 75 16 6A C6 5B 7D 5E F6 16 CF. All my releases after April 2001 have a PGP signature with this key. Be alarmed if signature is missing or wrong.

For more info, please contact:
Dirk Stoecker
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 10
01877 Bischofswerda


Click here to get Dirk's Public PGP key.

Download TestVirus here:

Release info from Dirk & Zbigniew
Download TestVirus v1.2
Read the release info from Dirk & Zbigniew
Download TestVirus v1.2

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