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Virus Checker II DMS Packed
By Virus Help Team
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Copyright © 1997-2004 by Alex van Niel

Information :
If you think that you have a virus on your Amiga, then you have to start an antivirus program from a clean scource. That means you have to boot your Amiga from a floppy disk. Virus Help Team have made a floppy disk with Virus Checker II that you can download, with the latest version of Virus Checker II and the support library the program need, and they are all clean and ready to use, this floppy disk are packed with Disk-Masher (dms), so you have to unpack the archives first.

Unpack the .dms archive :
if you don't have DMS installed on your system, you can download the dms program here, it is not packed, it is an .run file ready to use

DMS v1.11: Disk-Masher v1.11 by SDS Software, Kickstart 1.2 and higher - Download (40kb)

DMS AmigaDOS commands:
DMS Write file[.DMS], [TO dev:] - (Example for Virus Checker II: DMS Write vhtdk-vc25.dms TO DF0:)

Requirements :
  • All Amiga's with OS2.04 or higher

Current versions on the Virus Checker II .dms archive :
Virus Checker II Version: 2.5 Date: 03.10.1999 By Alex van Niel More information
Xvs.library Version: 33.45 Date: 08.11.2021 By Georg Wittmann More information
VMK (Virus Memory Kill) Version: 1.10 Date: 02.07.2002 By Chris Hames More information

Download :
vhtdk-vc.dms DMS Packed Date: 09.11.2021 Size: 533.611 bytes

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