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VirusChecker NG v1.0b7 Beta
Copyright © 1997-2004 by Alex van Niel

Short: VirusChecker NG v1.0b7 Beta Author: Alex van Niel ( Uploader: Jan Andersen ( Version: 1,0b7 beta Type: util/virus THIS IS A PREVIEW! BEWARE! IT IS NOT FINISHED AND SOME FUNCTIONS DON'T WORK OR MIGHT CONTAIN BUGS! USE AT YOUR OWN RISC! Changes and remarks for beta versions: NOT WORKING OR ADDED YET: - Format Protection - Keyfile detection/decoding/usage - XAD archive checking - CheckNow List/Window/Checking - Watch List/Window/Checking - Multiple file selection in ASL requester *NEW FEATURE* - Changable Disk checking (ZIP,DFx,CD,MO,etc) (BootBlock and sector checking) I am working on this but the code is complicated... Also preparing this code expansion to ZIP/CD etc New version will only enable DFx checking, near future will include other changeable media. - Capture vectors and standard vector checking - Crc checking of main code to prevent viruses of infecting the program the list is getting smaller and smaller by the day :) ALREADY ADDED/WORKING/IN PROGRESS: - File/Dir scanning - Frequent Memory checking (uses interrupt handler now) - Internal Archive checking (except for XAD support) - XFD Decrunching & Unlinking - Scan window (added a nice status button to get rid of some cosmetic problems) - Archiver Window - Launch button for the prefs program - Full signal backbone - Iconification of the main window into a small window bar - Arexx interface (WARNING: NOT FINISHED YET!) - Prefs port (some functions haven't been implemented so these will offcourse not work when turned on/off in the prefs window) - Msg port and interrupt handler - Menu for main window - Known Viruses List Window - Vector Show Window (KickTagPtr list not finished yet) - Progress window during init (CAN be turned off) - AppIcon - Commodity port - Enhanced archive checking. It is a lot faster now - Background process - Argument usage/passing/parsing (CLI and ToolType) WARNING! This part of VC is NOT!! yet finished. Cli arguments are parsed and processed, the Icon tooltypes are NOT! - Archiver Options Window (add, remove and edit items is now possible, please test it!) As you can see, the most important things have been added and now the additional stuff is taken care off. NOTE: For those who plan to use these beta versions on a emulated Amiga. Be VERY carefull. The real Amiga is much more forgiving then the emulator I have learned and any tiny error can cause a crash. Some crashes are not even logical but well, it IS being emulated on a PC :). Only thing you can do is report problems to me but I doubt if I can do much about it now. NOTE: I tried the checker on a PC and it did work, all the way up until filechecking. That was with beta 4 which didn't have interrupt checking and such, so this beta might crash very hard on emulated Amiga's again, or it might not... Please report if you experience this. WARNING WARNING WARNING: You MUST! use the new supplied VCPrefsNG program. The NG version has changed ports and a slightly different approach to loading the config. Also some functions have been disabled (xvs on/off) since they are either required or obsolete. Regards.... Alex van Niel B. Holiday str. 116 2551 WK Den Haag Netherlands e@mail: Amiga Antivirus try:

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