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VirusChecker II FREE key-file
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Short: FREE key-file for VirusChecker II Author: Alex van Niel - Virus Help Netherlands Support: Jan Andersen - Virus Help Denmark Version: FREE Yes, you read it right. VirusCheckerII is now free. Thanks to all you out there who supported me in the past and to who supported John Veldthuis. This is an official keyfile, release by me (Alex van Niel). If you don't trust this or suspect it is fake, then either contact Jan Andersen (VHT-DK) or me through e-mail. Or download it from Virus Help Team website: I feel that the time has come to make VirusCheckerII free and available for every Amiga user in the world. Virus protection should be free, which it always has, but I feel that since other killers offer everything free as well, I feel VirusCheckerII should be completely free as well. So hereby, enjoy it and to all users that paid in the past, don't feel cheated because your contributions made it possible for me to continue, update my system buy new developing software and also you were a sign VirusCheckerII was being used. You are to be thanked for your loyalty which I hereby do: Thanks! :) - Alex van Niel

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