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VirusExecutor PatchBrain v1.43 Release Info
Copyright © 1992-2004 by Jan Erik Olausen

Short: PatchBrain v1.43 for VirusExecutor v2.23+ Author: (Jan Erik Olausen) Uploader: (Jan Erik Olausen) Version: 1.43 Type: util/virus Replaces: util/virus/VEPatchBrain.* Requires: VirusExecutor v2.23+ ****** How to Install the PatchBrain: Just copy the file 'VirusExecutor.PatchBrain' to the same drawer VirusExecutor is located and restart VirusExecutor... Changes since last version: Added notifyintuition.library v3.3 Changed name: MagicASL to PatchAsl Added atapi.device v120.3 Renamed some patches that was by workbench.library Added ppc.library v46.32 Added 3 more patches to the 68040.library Remember.. If you have unknown patches, please let me know so I can add them to the patch brain :) The author Email:

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