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By Jan Erik Olausen

Copyright © 1992-2004 by Jan Erik Olausen

VirusExecutor is FREEWARE. This program may be freely distributed as long as:
  • The executable and documentation remain unchanged and are included in the distribution.
  • No other charge is made than to cover time and copying costs.


  • Easy to use (hopefully) ;)
  • Automatically analyzes an unknown bootblock
  • Detects 99% of any new boorblock virus
  • Checks executables and data files
  • Checks files in LHA/LZX/ZIP archives
  • Checks memory every 3 seconds for viruses
  • File watch feature
  • Huge patch brain with over 1.600 known patchs
  • SegTracker support
  • disassembler.library support
  • LiveUpdate of the most important files
VirusExecutor finds the 'Happy New Year 98' link-virus
Click here, to see a big picture

No warranties of any kind are made as to the functionality of this program. You are using it ENTIRE at your own risk.
VirusExecutor has one known bug and no Enforcer hits. VirusExecutor (VE) is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use. There's no 'advanced' options in the program that you almost never use anyway. This doesn't mean that VE is in the lack of power!

The author
Jan Erik Olausen
(We're not sure if the E-mail address is still valid)

The eXternal Virus Scanner Library
VirusExecutor is now, through the use of the 'xvs.library' able to detect all the older and some of the new viruses. So is is very important that you have the newest update of 'xvs.library' for recognition and disinfection of all the new viruses. Download the latest version of xvs.library made by Georg Wittmann here.

Download VirusExecutor here:

VirusExecutor v2.34 (LHA Packed) Date: 04.01.2004 Size: 319.736 bytes Read me
VirusExecutor v2.34 (DMS Packed) Date: 31.05.2022 Size: 551.041 bytes Read me
VirusExecutor PatchBrain v1.55 (LHA Packed) Date: 18.01.2004 Size: 37.408 bytes Read me

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