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VirusExecutor v2.34 Release Info
Copyright © 1992-2004 by Jan Erik Olausen

Short: VirusExecutor v2.34 Author: (Jan Erik Olausen) Version: 2.34 Requires: xvs.library (included), reqtools.library, xfdmaster.library, xadmaster.library, 68020+ SOME FEATURES ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ VirusExecutor is a virus killer that's meant to be easy to use. There's no 'advanced' options in the program that you almost never use anyway. This doesn't mean that VE is in the lack of power! * Easy to use (hopefully) ;) * Automatically analyzes an unknown bootblock. Detects 99% of any new virus * Bootblock database for recording of utilities boots, loaders etc * Checks files inside archives (multiple) * Checks memory every 3 seconds for viruses and patches * 'File integrity' feature using MD5 128 bits security * A huge patch brain with over 2.000 known patch entries * Locale support * SegTracker support * disassembler.library support * LiveUpdate of the most important files Changes since last version 2.34 - You don't have to restart VE when changing screen/WB-mode (F5) Thanks to Frank Weber - Turning on the 'Fast file checking'-flag will now disable ALL requsters even if a virus is detected (Logging will be turned on). Thanks to Frank Weber - If the file scan took over 9 hours the time output was wrong. Thanks to Frank Weber - Some other minor bugs that I can't remember... The author Email:

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