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To be able to remove a virus from your Amiga that has been infected with a virus,  you always have to
boot an antivirus program from a clean scource.  That means you have to boot your Amiga from a floppy
disk, that you know is is 100% virus free and safe to use.  Virus Help Team have made five DMS disks,
with the most used antivirus programs for the Amiga:

  VT-Schutz v3.17, by Heiner Schneegold    - Kickstart 1.2+  - Size: 506 kb - Download DMS Archive
  VirusZ III v1.02, By Georg Hoermann      - Kickstart 2.04+ - Size: 529 kb - Download DMS Archive
  VirusEcecutor v2.34, by Jan Erik Olausen - Kickstart 2.04+ - Size: 516 kb - Download DMS Archive
  VirusChecker v2.5 II, by Alex Van Niel   - Kickstart 2.04+ - Size: 530 kb - Download DMS Archive
  Mill v0.85, by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski    - Kickstart 2.04+ - Size: 412 kb - Download DMS Archive

The disks that Virus Help Team have made and packed with DMS is of course 100% clean and ready to use
You just need to unpack the DMS archive to an floppy disk.

You can download the dms program here, it is not packed, it is an .run file ready to use:

DMS v1.11: Disk-Masher v1.11 by SDS Software, Kickstart 1.2 and higher - Download (40kb)
DMS v1.11: Release info - To read, write or view Disk Masher disk images of floppy disks - Read more

DMS AmigaDOS commands:
DMS Write file[.DMS], [TO dev:]  -  (Example for VirusZ: DMS Write vhtdk-vz102.dms TO DF0:)

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