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VirusSlayer II
By Martin Zemblowski

Copyright By Martin Zemblowski

VirusSlayer II is a new virus-killer. It is working in internal multitasking (90%). That means you can view infected files during scanning operation, repair them, delete them etc. It is fast, user-friendly and highly reliable. Virus Slayer II uses xvs.library, so it detects as much viruses, or even more, as other viruskillers do.

AmigaOS 2.04 (Kickstart v37) or MorphOS. The following disk-based libraries are required:

  • file scanning (including decrunching and repairing- XVS and XFD are used)
  • memory scanning (uses xvs and internal library with some viruses)
  • bootblock checking (uses xvs)
  • Arexx port

VirusSlayer II doesn't have any register keys etc. It is a full version.

VirusSlayer II finds the 'Happy New Year 98' link-virus
Click here, to see a big picture

For comments or bug reports or if you have found some new virus, contact the author at the following addresses:

Martin Zemblowski
ul.Szpunara 6d/6
81-186 Gdynia
(We're not sure if the address is still valid)

The eXternal Virus Scanner Library
VirusSlayer II is now, through the use of the 'xvs.library' able to detect all the older and some of the new viruses. So is is very important that you have the newest update of 'xvs.library' for recognition and disinfection of all the new viruses. Download the latest version of xvs.library made by Georg Wittmann here.

Download VirusSlayer II here:

VirusSlayer II v1.0b (LHA Packed) Date: 08.02.2000 Size: 26.400 bytes Read me
VirusSlayer II Extras v1.3 (LHA Packed) Date: 26.07.2001 Size: 7.958 bytes Read me

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