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By Heiner Schneegold
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System Requirements:
KickRom v1.2, v1.3, v2.0, v3.0 or higher

This is very fast introduction of how to use VT-Schutz to check your harddisk and floppy disk for viruses.

Only on Kickstart 2.04 and higher: When you start up VT-Schuts, a requester will pop-up asking you, of you want to check your memory for the PolishPower linkvirus, say 'JA' to that. This does not mean that it is in your memory.
(PolishPower virus wont work under Kickstart 1.2 and 1.3, so the requester will not be shown)

Then the main window of VT-Schutz will appear.

To check your disk floppy for virus, click on 'CheckD' to check any floppy disk in DF0:

To check your harddisk for virus, click on 'DEVS' and choose the name of your harddisk to check ect. DH0:

That is the fast way of showing you how VT-Schutz works, and how your can check your disks and harddisks. But there is a lot more that VT-Schutz can do to check your Amiga.

If you want to know more, download the english dokumentation for VT-Schutz below here and read it.

VT-Schutz English dokumentation Date: 16.09.1999 Size: 46.866 bytes Download

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