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By Heiner Schneegold
Copyright Heiner Schneegold

* KickRom v1.2, v1.3, v2.0 or v3.0.
* All Amiga's with OS2.04 or higher.

VT-Schutz is an antivirus only with german menus and buttoms, and it can be hard for people to figure out how VT-Schutz works. Thorsten Behrens has transleted the dokumentation for VT-Schutz into english, so the menus are easyer to work with. But make no mistake, VT-Schutz is absolutly a fansastic antivirus program, that kan find around 99,8% of all known viruses for the Amiga.

Intruduktion from Herner: Please send new viruses to me, and also, please mark disk with "Viren" ('viruses'). Don't forget to mention your address and telephone number, a little note wouldn't be bad. (Both not necessary, only the virus counts).

I only search for new viruses and crunchers!! the disk will be formatted after copying the virus. Address and Tel.Nr. is thrown in the trashcan after analysis! (no questions needed then) I always keep my promise.
VT-Schutz finds the 'Happy New Year 98' link-virus
Click here, to see a big picture

For comments or bug reports or if you have found some new virus, contact the author at the following addresses:

Heiner Schneegold
Am Steinert 8
97246 Eibelstadt

E-mail :

Download VT-Schutz:
VT-Schutz v3.16 Date: 26.06.2000 Size: 427.794 bytes Download
VT-Schutz v3.16 release info Date: 26.06.2000 Size: Read only Read me
VT-Schutz German Doc Date: 16.09.1999 Size: 509.806 bytes Download
VT-Schutz English Doc Date: 16.09.1999 Size: 46.866 bytes Download

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