By Jan Andersen, Virus Help Team

This guide was made to give you a better look of the files that we have written warnings about over the past years. English only (Sorry)!

This guide is written and (c) Copyrighted 1994-2020, by Jan Andersen of Virus Help Team using the warnings that we have been writing and send out on the Net's. No part of the guide may be altered in any way, without a written permission from Virus Help Denmark

This Guide will be spread every 3 month, with all the new warnings by Virus Help Denmark. We will at that time have sent the new Warnings out on all the Nets and BBS'es, that we have access to (Internet, FidoNet, AmyNet etc.).

This Guide is free to spread in any way, as long as nothing is altered in any way.

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VirusWarning Guide v3.5
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Virum Help Team
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