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Commander Linkvirus
    Warning !
    The archive "removcmd.lha" contains an installer for
    the Commander Linkvirus ! This installer appeared around the
    globe around 24.10.1994. and is descriped as follows:

    !!  Have you got probs. with the COMMANDER !
    !! virus by Brian Blister? It's a link-vir !
    !! that eats your mem like hell.. brand new!
    !! and not killable with VirZ or VirKiller !
    !! or any other killer.. Except this one   !
    !! brought to you by Coma/FD and Bigmama/FD!
    !! Download and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don`t start this file ! It`s a installer for the fucking Commander
    Linkvirus, which can be removed 100% from VT 2.68 and VW4.3.

    The archive contains the file "kill" with the filelength 2252
    bytes ! This is the installer !

    The virus first appeared in scandinavia and it`s spreading was nearly
    stopped by some motivated members of SHI (special hi in this case
    to Jan Andersen and Bo Krohn). Now the Commander virus is spreaden

               Markus Schmall

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