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Addy v0.99 Trojan


  Do NOT start the 'ADDY0.99.Exe', it will replace your startup-sequence
  and shell-startup, and add 656 bytes to your c:Dir command.

  It will change your startup.sequence with a new small one:

  Prompt "AfraId ?..tHe fReAk wAs hEre 2 dEvEstAte  NDOS:>"

  Every time you run a shell it will add a line in your user-startup
  "Wait 5" and you will the the text above when you are rebooting.

  I do not know what it does to your C:Dir command, but if you have
  started this program up, the replace the c:Dir command, with a new
  clean one, form your WB disk's.

  It will work under KS 2.0 and 3.0, have not tested it under KS 1.3 yet.

  There is a "Readme" text in the archive, this is what is says:

  ///////////////////////// Addy Ver. 0.99 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  A small BBS Add maker, for you guys to put in your .lha's :)
  This Programme is made by me, if you like it, tell me cause i've JUST
  started learning how to do make small programmes, if there are any bugs
  in it, please let me know, i can be found at the coolest bbs'es in Sw.
  (Sorry about the lame doc, but i just cant wait to release my
  first programme).

  If you cant figure this one out, you never will.
  Simply double click And follow the instructions. Easy Huh ?
  Known Bugs: NONE.. at all.. tested very well.. Wouldent want my first
  release to be crap.. would I ?

  Written By The Freak !

  There is a FILE ID.DIZ to, here is the text:

  :                         :
  |  _____________________  |
  |  \\\\\\\\\\///////////  |
  |   \\Addy\ver./0.99///   |
  |    \\\\\my\FIRST////    |
  |     \\Release EVER/     |
  |      \\\\\\///////      |
  |       ~~~~~~~~~~~       |
  |    -»»bY tHe FreAk««-   |
  |         SysOp at        |
  |       »Money Talks«     |
  |      +44 ELITE ONLY     |

  ------ END -------

  The archive is on it's way to every well known antivirus programmer
  in the world, thanx guys for the great job you are doing.....

  Thanx to Morph, for sending me this new 'Thing'.


       Jan Andersen - Virus Help Denmark

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