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Virus Checker v6.60 Trojan
Hi All.....

There has just been found a fake Virus_Checker v6.60. Do not use this trojan
at all.  The is just a rewritten v6.57. Here is some info about the

Archive name... : VCHCK660.lzx
Archive Size... : about 122.000 bytes (Ripped for BBS adds)
VC v6.60 Size.. : 52400 bytes.

The newest version of Virus_Checker is at this time v6.58 (Brain v1.20).

This new trojan is on its way to every wellknown antivirus programmer, that
will accept new virus and trojan from us.

 __  ///       Jan Andersen         FidoNet:   2:235/112.0
 \\\///       --------------            AmyNet :  39:141/142.0
  \XX/    VIRUS HELP TEAM DENMARK          VirNet :   9:451/247.0

... Did you know, that the newest version of VT is v2.74 !!!


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