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ZIB linkvirus found

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 Hi All....                                                         29.11.97

 A new link-virus has been spread the last days. At this time no viruskiller
 is abel to find  and kill this sucker.  The virus has been send to all  the
 major  AntiVirus programmers,  so it is only  a matter of  time, before the
 viruskillers can find and remove this 'sucker'.

 There is no known program or archive that spreads this new virus.  All that
 we know of this  new virus,  is that it will add 1260 bytes to all programs
 that is executed.  And with in these 1260 bytes that  is added you can read

 Well, I don't think that TRSi has anything to do with this.

 As soon as a killer is released  that will kill this virus, we will let you
 know so check your contacts or our homepage.

 Heiner Schneegold,  programmer of VT  has made a quick test of this sucker,
 and here is what he found out:

 verbogener Vektor: Loadseg
 LastAlert: "TRSi"
 Eigener Process: ZIB
 Fileverlaengerung: #1260 Bytes
 Link hinter 1.Hunk
 RTS wird in bra.s umgewandelt
 falls bsdsocket.lib vorhanden, Veraenderungen

 Well, this is all we know for now.

 After we wrote the warning, a few killers has been updated so the they will
 be abel to find and kill this "ZIB" virus.

 VT v3.01              (30.11.97) - Heiner Schneegold
 FastVirusKiller v1.12 (29.11.97) - By Dave Jones
 AntiBeol v1.34a       (29.11.97) - By Gideon Zenz
 KillAnother v1.00     (29.11.97) - By Harry Sintonen

 You can download these killers from our homepage or support BBS.

 Thanx to Dave Jones, Harry Sintonen and Jakob Anderson for sending this new
 virus to us. It is on it's way to all major antivirus programmers.

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