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Happy New Year 98 linkvirus

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 Hi All....                                                         04.01.98

 Happy New Year 98 to you all.  There is a little more behind these words, a
 new linkvirus has been found, and  it is " Happy New Year 98 ". It will add
 920 bytes to every executed file.  You can within the  last 30 bytes of the
 infected file read "Happy New Year 98". We do not know of any installers or
 infected archives with this new virus, so if you find the installer, please
 mail it to me.

 The  great virus-killer VT by Mr. Heiner Schneegold has now been updated to
 version 3.03, and it will find and remove the Happy New Year 98' virus.

 You can get the VT v3.03 archive from our homepage, or a BBS near you.

 Thanx to Gerald Schnabel for sending us the infected file.

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