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Max BBS 1 Trojan

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 Hi All....

 Well, I't looks like some little stupid guy  someware in England, has been
 starting writing trojan's in AMOS.  These trojan's are made to destroy the
 BBS system 'MAX'. It will delete almost every BBS  file on the system, and
 also files like Startup-Sequence, c:dir and more. The guy behind these new
 trojans are a  guy that calls himself "Cactus^Jack"}. And he must be trying
 to  remove anything  about him  self, as this trojan is looking for a file
 with the name "bbs:userfiles/cactus", if this is found it will be deleted.

 This warning is for the archive "JC_SpiceGirls.LHA". If you run this shit,
 a picture will be shown on your screen, with the text:

 Juraccis Cactus
  Spice Girls

 But here is some info about the trojan:

> ------------------------------- INFO START ------------------------------

 Archive name.....: JC_SpiceGirls.LHA
 Archive size.....: 60482 bytes (Ripped for BBS adds).
 Trojan File......: Jc-Spice.exe
 Trojan Size......: 111524 bytes (Packed with AMOS Pro Compiler v2.00)

 File id.Diz......: Jurasic Cactus


                      Spice Girl Megamix Demo !

                      Coded By : c-jack
                      Musax By : Bigo H

                      release at The Gathering 97 demo comp

> ------------------------------- INFO END --------------------------------

 Thanx to Dave Buckley, for sending this archive to us.

 This archive is on it's way to every antivirus programmer, that accepts
 new viruses/trojans from us.

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