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Fungus/lsd linkvirus

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 Hi All....                                                       22.09.98

 Another new virus has been found.  The installer and infected archives is
 still unknown.  All we have is some  infected files. If you have this new
 virus on your system, every infected file will be added 760 bytes. If you
 decode the virus part, you can read "fungus/lsd" in a text-string.

 The major anti-virus programs "VT",  "VirusChecker II" and "VirusZ", will
 be released in the near  future, and they will be abel to find and remove
 this new virus.

 "Digital Corruption" has  released a littel "fungus killer/disable", that
 will disable the virus. So if your system is infected with this new virus
 use the program from "Digital Corruption". The archive name of the littel
 disabler is "DC-FNG11.LHA". You  should be abel to  find the archive on a
 BBS near you, or get it from Virus Help Denmarks homepage. (Adress in the

 Thanx to "RAM", for this little killer/disabler...
 Thanx to Mr. Heiner Schneegold for the fast test of this file.
 Thanx to Kisa and Jeff German for sending me the infected files.

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