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Patch CopyMem Trojan

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 Hi All....                                                      13.07.99

 A new  trojan have been  found on  Aminet today. This trojan is like the
 "datatypes.trojan", it will send a e-mail using the bdsocket.library and
 Miami to the President of Amiga Inc, with a sick and senselles message.
 We are also sure that this is not the last trojan of this kind this time
 so be carefull what you install.

 Here is some info about the archive:

 Name........ : Patch CopyMem
 Archive name : CMQ060.lha
 Archive size : 12.183 bytes
 Short desc.. : Patch CopyMem/Quick for 68060(040) v1.5

 This trojan has been sendt to all the antivirus programmers
 and thay will make recog. for this trojan in the next update.
 The archives will be removed from Aminet as soon as possible.

 Thanx to Alex van Niel for the fast test.
 And to Mark de Jong, Yiannis, Petra Struck & Martin Lindhorst
 for the first reports about this trojan.

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