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Amos Joshua Clone Trojan

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 Hi All....                                               14.07.99

 A new trojan have been found today. This trojan is looks like the
 trojan we  wrote about on  the 15'th,  the " Amos Joshua Trojan".
 This trojan will  after it  has been  executed, the program will
 show a screen, where you can read this text: "CARGANDO BLOQUES.."
 (I think that it  is spanish but I don't understand it). The the
 system goes into  a guru,  and restarts  but by now the  trojan
 has replaced  the 'c:loadwb' with a new 'loadwb' with the size of
 122.836 bytes and create a file in your  wbstartup drawer called
 "miami.config" (size 60.728 bytes), and now the trojan is ready
 to play with your Amiga again.

 This trojan is made with AMOS, and it is a lame trojan.....

 Here is some info about the archive:

 Name.......... : Sonic II
 Trojan name... : Amos Joshua Clone Trojan
 Archive name.. : SonicII.lha
 Archive size.. : 111.798 bytes
 Trojan name... : SonicIIAmiga.exe
 Trojan size... : 182.452 bytes
 Infected files : c:loadwb (122.836 bytes)
                  wbstartup:miami.config (60.728 bytes)

 Doc Text :
 por fin!!!!!!!!!!!!
 la version del SONIC II creado para amiga en AMOS PRO+GUI EXTENSION
 Osea que puedes juegar en una ventana publica perfectamente....

 Disfruta de este juego........
 para contactar:

 This trojan has been sendt to all the antivirus programmers
 and they will make recog. for this trojan in the next update.

 Thanx to Alex for the fast test.
 And to Christian for the report about this trojan.

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